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5 Reasons To Build An ADU

If building an ADU yourself is something you are interested in, let us help seal the deal for you. Here are 5 reasons to build an ADU.

1 Help Your Community

For starters, you could help your community by providing low-income individuals an affordable place to live. With a growing homelessness crisis plaguing many large cities, ADUs can be a great way to add to the housing market. Since they are small, compact units, they are more affordable to live in, making them an option for most people no matter their income levels.

2 Passive Income

Secondly, by renting out your ADU, you will be acquiring passive income for your own family. This income can set you ahead financially and help you pay important bills or for vacations, you have been dying to go on.

3 Guest House

Tired of having people visit and stay in your house? Have them stay in your ADU instead! Now when the in-laws come, they don’t have to sleep in the spare bedroom across the hall, they can have their own space outside your home.

This is also great for long-term caregivers who assist people with special needs every day. They can have their own place to go home to while still being on duty if needed.

4 Home For Aging Loved Ones

As parents age, they often have to either move in with their kids or go into assisted living. Having your parents or in-laws move in with you can be taxing, even though you love them. By having them live in an ADU in your yard, you could be close to check on them whenever they need assistance, but both of you can maintain a healthy level of independence and privacy.

Plus you will save on the money it would cost to move them into assisted living.

5 Non-Living Space Reasons

ADUs don’t have to be lived in. They can also be pool houses, home offices, she-sheds, personal gyms, yoga studios, etc. You name it, you can do it. Just remember you have to have a kitchen and a bathroom in your unit in order for it to meet ADU regulations.

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