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 Roulette card game  – the hottest online betting game today

Online betting is the most popular form of online entertainment today. Besides traditional betting games Roulette card game  is popular in Casinos where many players participate on an extremely large scale. Bow dealer New888 Rate this reward card game now.

 Roulette card game  – easy and fast betting wheel

Definition of  Roulette card game 

Roulette In French, it means wheel. Roulette card game  is a betting game with a spinning wheel and no cards, with easy and involved betting skills.

In most casinos Casino is indispensable Roulette card game  because of the appeal as well as the attractive betting levels that this game brings to betting lovers.

Structure of the wheel – rotation Roulette Very easy to understand and has a very simple structure:

– A roulette is a part formed by a wheel with an axis that rotates around the Roulette axis

– On the circle of the wheel will be attached numbers in constant order

– There is a betting table for participants to place bets, containing numbers divided into cells, groups, columns and colors,

– The small ball is randomly placed on the wheel and it is run and moved freely when the wheel rotates.

Rules of the game when participating in Roulette

How to play Roulette Quite simple, just understand the rules of wheel rotation and the direction of the ball then bet at the desired level to be able to participate in this extremely interesting game.

Rules when playing Roulette card game  as follows:

First, the player will choose the desired bet level and then place the bet. Players place arbitrary bets on each column or row, even or odd cells, and color options.

Next, the dealer will rotate the wheel axis in a certain direction, the small ball will move on the numbered tracks and stop at a certain position on the wheel. Roulette.

After that, whichever cell the small ball will stop at will be the result of the bet. The odds of winning or losing will depend on the level and type of betting of the participant.

Classification of Roulette wheel

Currently in the betting system Roulette There are 3 main forms of betting:

– European Roulette betting

– French Roulette betting

– American Roulette betting

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The European  Roulette card game  is the most popular form of betting in casinos


Compared to forms Roulette betting On the other hand, the European Roulette betting card game is a bit more complicated, but because there are many different ways to bet, many people choose to participate.

Outside betting form of European Roulette

Betting inside is popular with many players because of its high winning rate. Outside betting includes 6 basic forms that any player must know:

– Even – odd bet: This means that when participating, players only need to place even or odd numbers in the compatible boxes. In special cases, the number 0 is not considered an even or odd number. When you win at the end, the house will match the player at a 1:1 ratio

– Dozens bet (bet 12 numbers): includes 3 specific dozens: 1 – 12 is the first dozen, 13- 24 is the second dozen, 25-36 is the 3rd dozen. The player will choose the dozen bet they like, then if they win, they will get a 2:1 ratio

– High – Low Bet: Regulations from 1 – 18 will be the low number, from 9 – 36 will be the high number. The player will choose the bet amount on any number in the spin. The number 0 is also not a low or high number, so it is not counted. The general odds of winning are also 1:1

– Color bet: Roulette wheel has 2 colors red and black (except 0), so players just need to choose the color then wait for the spin to end and receive the results. When winning, it will be shared at a ratio of 1:1

– Column – row bet: Players will choose a column on the left that they think the number will fall into. Each column will give 12 numbers that are in the same row. When you win, you will receive a payout of 2:1

Bet form in European Roulette

Betting inside in terms of difficulty level is much more difficult and the winning rate is also lower than betting outside. However, the overall odds of winning are much higher, making it easier to get rich

Basic forms of betting that players should understand:

– Unique bet, bet on 1 number: The player will bet on a single number that he thinks the ball will fall on. This is the form with the lowest probability of winning among all forms of betting. But when you win, you will receive the highest ratio of 35:1

– Double bet: means betting on a certain pair of numbers. When you win, it will be combined at a ratio of 17:1.

– Line bet: The player will bet on the first position of 3 numbers. When you win, you will receive a general ratio of 12:1

– Corner bet: the player will bet on a corner where four numbers will meet. When you win, you will receive a general ratio of 8:1

– Triple bet: The number table will be divided into 12 columns, each column has 3 numbers. The player bets on a group of 3 numbers. If the ball results in 1 of those 3 numbers, the player will win and be paid at a rate of 1:11.

– Bet number 0: is a very difficult form of betting and is rarely bet by players even though the payout ratio is very high at 1:35. The player only places the single number which is 0. If they win, the overall odds are very high, 1:35. This form of betting is not popular and is rarely used by bookmakers

Some tips to win the  Roulette card game 

Any one betting card game Everyone needs a new trick to win with a high rate. In Roulette card game  Players should apply the following strategies to have a high chance of winning

If you play for the first time, you should experience it

When participating in card games for the first time, players will more or less encounter certain difficulties. For first-time participants or beginners, you should choose to try out or bet at a minimum level to gain gaming experience.

In particular, first-time participants should choose a betting table Roulette Europe is the best, because this is the most popular betting table and has the most typical bet types.

You must clearly understand the rules of playing the  Roulette card game 

You should clearly understand the betting forms of card games from the simplest steps. For example, what is the difference between inside bets and outside bets? Which form of betting should you choose to suit your level and financial ability? Understanding the rules of the game and Roulette betting rules will help you be more decisive in betting tables so you can win more easily.

Note, you should choose betting methods from easy to difficult, you should bet outside with the following forms: even – odd bets, color bets, high-low bets, … for new participants. Roulette. Because these types of bets are easy to play and easy to win.

In addition, you should choose a betting table with a single number 0 because these tables are classic tables, helping to balance the winning rate of the player and the house.

Understand financial rules

Money is the tool for you to bet Roulette. You must clearly determine whether your participation is based on entertainment or making money to choose the most suitable bet level. Avoid losing money you don’t want.

You can bet in many different forms at the same time to reduce risk and maintain a stable bet level suitable for each form of bet.

You should especially stop at the right time, and don’t play recklessly when you don’t have a high winning rate.

Concentrate highly on the bet and stay mentally stable

Before the table turns Roulette During your activity, you should focus absolutely on the wheel and make betting decisions. Because usually the spinning tables will have a certain rule. As long as you concentrate, you can guess the direction of the ball. Then the winning rate is very high.

Psychology is an important factor for participants in betting card games. You should maintain a steady and stable mentality. If during the game you focus on winning or losing, the possibility of losing is very high. That’s why you have to know your strength and stay calm, bet slowly, keep a cool head and don’t let your emotions control you.

Withdraw money immediately to your account when you win

This is the fastest way to preserve cash flow so players are not tempted to rush into betting. If you win the bet, you should withdraw it to your bank account immediately, so you not only participate in the game for entertainment but also have money to continue playing next time.

Choose for yourself a reputable bookmaker

When participating Roulette card game  You should choose a reputable bookmaker to make your bet. It is known that currently on online websites there are many virtual bookmaker websites, scams to steal customer information and steal bonuses from your bank.

That’s why you should choose online casinos with bookmakers that have the following factors:

– The house must be licensed to operate and have clear legal regulations

– The dealer must ensure absolute confidentiality of customer information

– Promotional incentive policies must be deployed regularly

– Banks affiliated with the house must be reputable banks. Deposit and withdrawal transactions must be quick and convenient

– There is positive feedback from those who have participated

The reputable bookmaker Highly rated that players need to refer to: VN88, SIN88, M88, HappyLuke, ….

Hopefully through this article, players will have a more comprehensive view of the  Roulette card game . Hopefully the useful information will help you understand the rules of the game and have entertaining moments when participating in this super attractive betting game.

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