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Home Remedies for Bed Bugs | Get Rid of These Parasites Easily

If you are having trouble with bed bugs and want some cure, then you should try the below home remedies for bed bugs. Now, let me tell you about those parasites first. Those are parasitic insects that survived on human or animal blood. Generally, those insects don’t spread disease, but their bites are very itchy. So, you should follow the below tips and therapies to kill them.

Best Home Remedies for Bed Bugs

People who are facing bed bug problems and don’t know how to get rid of them can try the below home remedies for bed bugs. Those things will help you to kill all the bugs from your bed.

Home Remedies for Bed Bugs

Try the below home remedies to get rid of the bed bugs without facing any problem.

Diatomaceous Earth

It is a great powder, which helps to get rid of bed bugs. It is chemical-free as well. You need to spread the dust on the area of your house where bed bugs nest. This product is useful, and it will take only ten days to kill all the bed bugs. But, the transience rate is higher than 90% of this powder. At the same time, the little amount of this stuff is beneficial for terminating these insects by drying them. You have to use it on the cracks in the wall and other spaces around the bed as well.

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Baking Soda

Baking soda is also an excellent solution for bed bugs. It will help to absorb humidity from the body of all bed bugs through its drying belongings. Moreover, it has antimicrobial possessions, which terminate bed bugs. You just need to blow out baking soda around the cracks or wherever you find bugs. But, you must keep in mind to vacuum your house after few days and then re-apply it.

Cayenne Pepper

This stuff is also useful, and it will allow you to kill all the bed bugs off your house. You just need to take one tsp each of cayenne powder, grated ginger, and oregano. After that, you just have to boil them in water. Now, spray and strain that solution to the entering house and other areas where bed bugs can hide. This solution has a smell that will drive the bugs away and prevents them from scattering.

Steam Treatment

You have to get your mattress, cushions, carpets steamed if you want to get rid of these parasites. Now, there is the fact that the bed bugs can’t live in high temperatures. You can kill them with heat, but you will need a minimum of 113 degrees Fahrenheit. So, steam permeates with these resources and destroys the bugs.

Double-Sided Tape

It is also a good idea to set dual-sided tape around the bottom of your bed. This way, the bed bugs will get caught if they attempt to sneak up on you. Now, it is a reliable method to find bedbugs as well.

Finally, I hope the above home remedies for bed bugs will allow all people to kill those insects. Besides, with the help of those tips, you will be able to have a bed bugs-free house. You just need to follow those ideas correctly.

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