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How To Make Attractive Instagram Stories

Instagram offers a huge range of filters and effects to make your Instagram stories more fun.  More than 500 million people use Instagram stories every day. Instagram stories are known to mask a huge amount of views and engagement if used properly. By properly we mean if your stories have fresh content and are attractive. There are multiple editing tools provided to you by Instagram to make your stories look compelling and nice. You can always use these tools and your creativity to create attractive stories. This article details some of the hacks and designs that you can incorporate in your Instagram stories to make them look attractive instantly.

  1. Animated text:

Till date you all must have used animations on varied videos and images, but Instagram now provides you ways to animate your text. Simply click a blank snap using an Instagram camera or choose a picture from your gallery. Now from the panel of options select the ‘animate text’ option. Choose any animation you would want to add to your text and tap done. This way you can convert any piece of text into more fun animated text. 

  1. Animated pictures:

Instagram provides AR effects for your videos. These effects look quite cool. Instagram now also allows you to use these effects on your images. You can elevate how your image looks by simply adding animations to it. Simply click a picture in the AR effect or choose a picture from the gallery and then select the animation option, slide on the bar to select a good AR effect. Glitter and party lights are some of the highly used and popular AR filters that you can add. To add third-party animated pictures use the StoriesIG tool. You will get a number of options with it to set animated pictures.

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  1. Layout mode to place multiple pictures into pre-designed templates:

Instagram has recently introduced its layout feature. This feature enables you to add multiple pictures into different templates. This allows you to layer your pictures. You can easily access this tool once you open Instagram story camera. Tap on the layout mode and create a collage of pictures. You can layer this collage with text as well. You can post up to 6 pictures in a collage form using this layout mode.

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  1. Layering text and images:

Another cool hack to help your Instagram story look more organized and attractive is by layering your text and images. At times we add text to our stories along with an image or video. If you do not place things nicely the overall look of your story is compromised. Layer text on your story post, putting it on a background. Try using cool backgrounds for your text and layer them while keeping in mind that no important part of the image or video gets cropped or covered.

  1. Use designing apps:

Instagram filters and effects are limited, though you can do a great job with these. There are times when you need something fresh and unique. Even your audience is always looking forward to more fun stories. To help you out with this there are Instagram story editing apps that you can use to edit your Instagram stories. These apps have a number of new filters, stickers and amazing AR effects to design your Instagram story. You can even use their pre-designed templates to place pictures and videos and create the best stories on Instagram.

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