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How does the Community Tab on YouTube work?

YouTube has been around for what seems like the longest time. The value provided for subscribers seeking to market their brands is growing. 9 out of 10 marketers intend to employ YouTube as their marketing strategy. Establishing a solid community composed of YouTube subscribers who cling to every word you say is one way to do this. The community tab on YouTube is a feature that creators can use to establish an interaction with their followers and promote their brand and any product they intend to sell. Users can interact with creators’ posts by commenting, sharing, or even commenting and form a loyal community as time passes. Let’s look at what a “community” tab will be and then how to make it utilized to be a powerful marketing and branding method.

The basics of using a community tab

The first thing to do is. Your channel must have more than 1000 subscribers to gain access to the community tab. After your channel has met the threshold, it might take up to one week before the tab will be available.

When the community tab is activated, you can begin posting and engaging with your followers. Creating a post in the tab for the community is straightforward. All you have to do is sign up to YouTube and then select upload on the upper right-hand side of the screen, and then select the “Create post tab. There are a variety of options available for making your post. You can compose an essay post and include a video, poll, or a GIF. After you’re done clicking post, you’re ready to go. The YouTube subscribers will see your post on their feeds and will be notified every whenever you post.

How can you market your business using Community Tab?

Consider this tab’s community aspect as a complement to your regular uploads, an additional method to interact with your followers and monitor your audience’s response. Your comments or likes in your community tab is a different indicator you can utilize to convince businesses of the quality of your social media presence and draw advertisers. For serving the purpose, you can get services of YouTube likes and comments.

Inform your audience

The first step is to inform your viewers of the presence of the Community tab. You can make a short and snappy video for your main channel and request your followers and subscribers to use the community tab to stay current with the latest news.

Help other creators

It is possible to join with other creators’ community tabs to raise awareness for your own, and, in time, you can establish a cross-channel promotional network. The more people who know about the existence of your tab, the more effective. Even long-time subscribers might require to be instructed to keep an eye for announcements on the channel for community members. If you’re new to the community tab, your viewers won’t even think they should engage with you. If you run a second channel, vlog, or podcast, you can use this tab for the community to promote it as well.

Get ideas from the crowd and get feedback.

Make use of your YouTube Community tab on YouTube to survey your followers, request suggestions for videos to be made, and comment on old ones.

Teasers to help promote your main video

Utilize your community page to create anticipation for a forthcoming video, track the progress, and announce the film’s release time. Some YouTube creators do not adhere to the same schedule. For these types of people using the community tab, it’s the perfect method to keep their audience at their side, apologize for any delays and keep them informed of what’s going on in their lives. You can share behind-the-scenes stories as well as a few snippets of your everyday life. It’s a great way to fill the gaps between uploads and ensure your viewers don’t lose interest in your channel. It’s also important to ensure that the algorithm does not penalize you for limiting views on your content.

Make sure to promote your product and site.

Utilize the community tab to market your online store, website, or products. If you’re a YouTube creator who has an event coming up, use this tab for the community to guide subscribers to a page to purchase tickets. Use the community tab to notify subscribers of new merchandise drops and styles.

Unscripted authenticity

Be original and authentic with the community tab. Be sure the viewers have already seen your edited, scripted, polished content on your main channel. Utilize your community section to showcase your wit, humour, vulnerability, and sense of humour—the fans like feeling like they are part of your family. Send updates about your YouTube relationship, breakups, makeups, happy news. You’ll also develop a loyal community of genuine subscribers who will be there for you in the most challenging times.

Respond to comments

Let your community know that you are involved. Take note of your most loved comments. Respond to questions, and viewers will see you’re listening.

Top of the page comments

Write a particularly humorous or exciting message from your audience up the top, perhaps a comment from a fellow YouTuber or an old-time subscriber. Your audience will see it first when they browse your community’s posts. It’s also a method for staying in touch and keeping conversations flowing.

Promote a collaboration video

Update your followers on the news about an upcoming collaboration with a YouTuber. Keep your followers informed of the news with a countdown timer. You could request your co-collaborator to make the same promotion on their channel, resulting in an integrated promotion.


Use your community section to call at those who are long-term subscribers or even other creators. Utilize the feature @mention to make someone’s day. Special mentions are a fantastic way to share the love and build loyalty among your subscribers.

Join to share members-only posts

Certain channels on YouTube offer channel membership, which is a monthly subscription fee to your channel to access exclusive content. Use this tab to express gratitude to the unique subscribers for their support by using the community tab. You could use this tab for community members to make exclusive content directly. A happy, engaged, and well-treated audience will continue to see more. Other subscribers might be motivated to leave a comment to enjoy the same benefits.

Host the Q&A

Use the community tab to create an “ask me anything” style Q&A. It isn’t an option for creators to respond to or interact with all comments regarding their uploaded videos. By letting the audience know before the event through the community tab about questions and answers, subscribers who want to participate can be there early in the morning to seek answers. It is possible to gain new followers this way.

Find support for this project

You are hosting an awards ceremony or needing votes to win an award or an event? Get your subscribers for their support by using the tab for the community. Include relevant hyperlinks and direct traffic wherever you need it.


If you’re a large or medium creator or a medium creator, thanking the subscribers for their trust by holding the giveaway is a fantastic strategy. Winners will likely announce the win via social networks, thereby expanding the audience for your site. Everyone loves freebies. It is possible to get new subscribers who are willing to sign up to participate. It could be slightly shady to gain subscribers in this manner. However, when your content is valuable and well-crafted, the new subscribers will surely stay. It is also possible to use your community section for post reminders or update on conditions, modifications, etc. As they’re nearing specific subscriber goals, some channels offer giveaways to push them over the line.

YouTube views on older content

Use your community section to showcase older videos that haven’t received enough interest. Direct viewers to a particular course you’ve designed. They’ll be required to click to open a link. Sending visitors to a different site or place where you want views is a good method to use in your community section.

Click on the bell icon

You’ve seen YouTubers invite their followers to sign up by clicking the bell to receive notifications after the video’s conclusion. You could do the same by using this community section.

Display your products

Do you have a creator who also sells items on the internet? You can send your followers to a merchandising page or website. It is, however, better to utilize images. Upload a picture of the new products you’ve launched or are planning to launch. Also, your subscribers can ask questions about pricing, sizes, and other questions directly on the tab called community.

Make memes and GIFs available for sharing.

Visuals are a lot more engaging than words. Utilize this community section to post topical and trending memes that bring your audience laughter and engagement. If you’re unable to think of anything you can do, simply share a funny selfie of yourself with a meme-friendly caption.

It is a great way for creators to keep subscribers in the loop and provide clarifications on issues, get feedback, and more. The best part is that you can use it to attract attention from people who aren’t your friends. Many people aren’t aware that community’s posts do not only reach your subscribers. Anyone on YouTube interested in your kind of content may be able to see your community post in their feed. YouTube itself confirmed that they have a community tab to increase the visibility of their content by displaying posts of the community posts to the correct users, wherever they might be. In the end, the community tab is an excellent method to increase your channel’s growth and for your image. Make use of it effectively and consistently to reap the greatest rewards.

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