From Facebook to Metaverse: The Future of Social Media

It has been making the rounds on the news for days; surely, you will know about it now. Facebook, or rather the company itself, has decided to rebrand with the name of Meta. All in hopes of creating a universe that would bind all of its platforms together. And that is not just it. The consequences of this metaverse reach out far beyond what we could have ever imagined. And sit tight for this one because they are only just getting started!

What is Meta?

Mark Zuckerberg went on ahead and dropped a literal social bomb on Oct 28th, 2021, at the Connect 21’ conference when he announced that he was rebranding the Facebook parent company as Meta. To many, it doesn’t hold much importance, thinking of it merely as a re-naming. But the truth is that Meta is no longer just a social media platform. It is a much more advanced form of social connection, a universe if you will, that reflects the fast-paced evolution of tomorrow. It integrates social media with virtual and augmented reality creating multiple ways people can collaborate over the internet.

Meta brings together all of Facebook’s technologies and applications under one new company name that vows to open portals to the future of social media. Simply put, it is going to be a rather exciting project, where social connection reaches a point of three-dimensional contact, projected in the physical world. It will be like a much more advanced form of a video chat that will allow you to live a much more complete and immersive experience with your loved ones. It is slightly challenging to wrap your head around this because we have a slightly limited vision, but Zuckerberg clearly does not.

Why Choose Meta?

It is a little tricky to fully understand the long-term repercussions of the metaverse. There can be security concerns that may be challenging to get right for such an insanely extensive network. Will high-speed cyberspace connections like CenturyLink internet be able to support this vast and complex interface?

We have very few answers, but one thing is for certain; the project is ambitious and somewhat intriguing. Imagining that we really could take the next step in social connection in the next decade is thrilling.

So, what is the hype all about? What is Meta bringing to the table that nothing before has?

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Meta is bringing some innovation to the world of social media, and even though it is all in theory as of now, it hopes to stand fulfilled soon enough.


  1. Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual reality is not a recent thing. It has been around for decades, launched in the 1950s, and has only gotten better since. But what does Meta have to do with this? Reality Labs is what.

Meta is striving to provide you with a more settling, worthier method of communication through VR. Imagine that for a second. You are sitting in the United States in a small town and can connect with your brother in Switzerland through Meta, talking to him as if you were right next to him. It does leave a pleasant taste in your mouth and your eyes slightly damp. Meta is hoping to give you that satisfaction with your calls. Whether it may be personal calls or workrooms, VR with Quest will make it all the more effective.

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But calls are not where they set the bar. Everything from gaming to body fitness programs would be much more fulfilling with VR. We have already experienced the gaming part. Perhaps it is time to take that a step further.

  1. Augmented Reality (AR)

Where VR uses a virtual world setting, AR is all real-world settings. Augmented reality or AR uses a relatively enhanced version of the physical world around us. It incorporates the use of digital visual and sensory elements and other stimuli, delivering them to us via technology. AR is a social trend that continues to grow, especially with mobile computing and applications of all types.

AR lives within our communities in several much-needed places. We cannot fathom a life without them. Some examples include:

  • Precise and enhanced navigation systems within cars that superimpose our route over the live view of a street
  • Furniture stores, especially IKEA, offers you an AR application known as IKEA Place that can help you see how a piece of furniture looks at your place
  • Football games include the use of AR by broadcasters to outline play strategies and analyze game plans
  • Surgeons may sometimes use AR to project 3-dimensional views of the human body to understand the anatomy related to surgeries better

The list goes on. But what does Meta mean for AR? Integrate examples given above to a social connection, and you will see how easy it is to navigate the world when AR use is more than just in football games. The possibilities are endless.

  1. Smart Glasses

This one truly gives off James Bond vibes or Ethan Hunt vibes. The kind of spy and action life we all crave down under. But these smart glasses are not going to give you facial matches from the FBI database. No, they are more benign than that. Smart glasses with Meta will allow you to interact with the world around you. They will help you record audio and videos with a single touch, listen to music and take calls and perhaps do a few Google searches along the way.

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To Wrap It All Up…

The digital world is an ever-changing arena. Past trends come back stronger and better with everything that the internet has to offer. From gaming to reading, working, and watching movies, little today escapes the clutches of the digital jungle. A lot is going on, and we can quickly miss it if we are not paying attention. Perhaps now is the time to buy TV internet phone and stay connected as closely as possible.

What the future holds for Meta is difficult to gauge at the moment, but we sure hope it is good. It affects every one of us and ultimately the entire global village the world has turned into today.

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