Guide on How to Ship a Car Locally

Local car shipping is not as complicated as international car shipping. For example, a bunch of customs laws apply when shipping vehicles to or from locations outside the shores of the country.

Failure to adhere to some of these laws comes with severe consequences. For more information on US Customs and Border Protection laws, as it pertains to shipping vehicles to or from international destinations, you can visit:

Although local auto shipping is nowhere near as complicated as international auto shipping, some people still make grievous mistakes when shipping their vehicles within the country. Ignorance on how to properly go about this is usually the reason for this.

To this end, this article discusses some important things to know about the entire process. So, keep reading to ensure that you know and get the process right.

What You Need to Know About Shipping a Car Locally

Guide on How to Ship a Car Locally1

In the spirit of ensuring that you get the desired result and also have a smooth auto transport experience, discussed below are some things to know:

The Right Auto Transport Company Is Needed

There is a long list of companies that offer this service across the country. It is most likely that you would be spoilt for choice even in your location. However, you should know that not every one of these service providers offers the best experience.

Furthermore, some scams portray themselves as car shipping companies. You most definitely want to avoid them.

Against this backdrop, you need to do some serious research work before choosing any company in this line of work. Online searches, word-of-mouth reviews, and referrals would most definitely come in handy for this purpose.

There needs to be a basis for finding the right company in this line of work. In other words, there should be yardsticks used to assess how good a company is for this task or otherwise. Some of the yardsticks in question should include:

Company Credentials

The credentials of the company have to be properly verified before you decide whether to engage them or not. To this end, your verification should focus on three areas (in particular):

  • License – Make sure the company is legally permitted to operate in that vicinity
  • Insurance – Liability coverage should not be taken lightly. Not even a cheap service should make you take it lightly
  • Track Record – Make sure the company is experienced in the business and has a good reputation. The importance of paying attention to this cannot be overemphasized. You can click here for more information on this.

By the way, several companies should be assessed. This increases your chances of choosing the best given that there is a basis for comparison.

Services and their Cost

For starters, you need to understand why you need this service. This would play a huge part in deciding how you want your vehicle shipped.

For example, some people do not necessarily want this service to avoid driving long distances. Rather, they do not want the car to be exposed to any mileage. Car dealers are a prime example of such clients.

As a result, such clients may require more than terminal-to-terminal delivery. Rather, they would need door-to-door delivery. For one, such clients need to engage a service provider that offers this service as only some auto transport companies do so.

In addition to being certain that the required services are offered, you also need to be certain of the price. Make sure the cost of rendered services is reasonable.


Schedule a time for pickup. Fortunately, quite a lot can be done online. As a result, it is possible to schedule without showing up at the company’s physical office.

For the record, the pickup date is not usually the day that the actual shipping happens. This is because your vehicle is not the only vehicle that would be shipped at a go.

Vehicle Preparation

Your vehicle is to be handed over to the auto transport company on the agreed date. However, it should be well-prepared for the shipping process. By and large, preparation is important for the sake of securing your vehicle during the shipping process and even reducing the service charge.


Your vehicle will be handed over to the company on the agreed date. It is a good idea to ask about the expected date of shipment while doing this. The bill of lading documents needs to be examined and signed by you on this day.

Tracking Your Shipment

Many companies have features that allow clients to track their vehicles while it is being shipped. You should track yours to see how well things are playing out.


Your car will be ready for delivery after it arrives at the agreed destination. Depending on the agreement, you may have to complete payment at this point. Of course, this is after inspecting the vehicle.


Understanding how local car shipping processes work is important, especially for people who need this service. To this end, a guide on how to ship a car has been shared in this article. Knowledge of these details puts clients in a good position to make the most of this service.

Particularly, a good company in this line of business must be engaged. Every other process is likely to play out smoothly when this happens. So, make sure to choose the right company.

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