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How to Find Owners of Property

You are running a real estate business and want to buy some properties so that you can sell them and earn some profits. But, you don’t know how to find owners of the property – do you? Well, if you don’t, then you can ask people around you like friends, family, and neighbors. You can also do lots of stuff as I described.

Guide to Find Property Owners

These guides are perfect and enough that you can use to track and communicate with property owners:

Via Public Records

You can track property owners from public records by following this guide:

  1. ContactYour County Tax Assessor

Every property owner has to pay tax, so you will be able to get the owner’s info easily from the tax assessors. If the property owner is a tax criminal, then the county and state will probably be looking for him or her too:

  • If the property taxes aren’t current, then the region may exclude the property and sell the property at the public auction.
  • You can go and visit the official website of the tax evaluator in the county where the property can be located. On there, you will be able to search property records too. You need to go to the tax evaluator’s office or the local public library of your state and search all paper records in some counties.
  1. 411 Directory Assistance

You have the name of the property owner and address, too, then you will be able to get the owner’s telephone number.

  1. Use the Online Property Search Tools

There are lots of online apps, websites, and tools available that will help you to find property owners. Some websites, for example,, finds all public data to deliver you in a single report that contains all the detailed property info. Those data adds sales and tax history.

Talking to Neighbors

Talking with your neighbors can give you some good results too:

  1. Talk to the Nearest Neighbor

You should talk with your nearest neighbor and ask if he or she knows the owner of the property or not. However, Neighbors might be eager to disclose essential info about other owners who would be hard to find elsewhere.

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  1. Scope out the Neighborhood

If the property is a house that you like to buy, then measure the state of the nearby lots. If the whole area looks quite abandoned and run-down, then the property and your search may not be worth the time.

  1. Ask for the Property Address

You must have to talk with all your neighbors so that you can find the street address, mainly if there are numerous homes that have no noticeable street numbers. Moreover, the address is also required to search the public records and the owner’s identity too.

Hire a Professional

If you can’t find the owner or don’t have time to look for the owner, then you should hire a professional who will help you to find the property owner.

  1. Get Help from a Real Estate Agent

At the time you locate signs in the nearby yards or anywhere, you should make a call to your real estate agent and ask about your desired property.

  1. Call a Title Company

A title company does searches so that they can provide information about properties and deeds after the title transfers. They have such easy access to all the accurate and present information of any property.

Final Words

I hope this guide will help you a lot to hunt down property owners. But make sure you are following these correctly. Besides, you should really consider getting Help from professionals because they know things better than you.

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