How to quickly restore traffic and sales after a crisis

The moment of crisis is the best time to analyze the problems and do what was put off “for later”. While your competitors took a break in their work, it’s time to get the most out of your site and, after a difficult period, immediately get a tangible result and a significant profit.

Most often, the first results in SEO should be expected no earlier than after 4-6 months, depending on the competition in your niche. However, under certain conditions, it is quite possible to get noticeable results after 1-2 months.

We will analyze in detail what criteria a site must meet in order to get super-fast results, as well as problems that can prevent an increase in traffic on the site. And on the example of our cases, we will prove that a quick result is absolutely real.

Quick results in SEO: myth or reality

In order to understand whether quick results are possible in SEO, it is necessary to know what factors affect the site’s position in Google’s search results.

Here are some of them:

  1. Their condition;
  2. Age;
  3. Availability of content and its quality;
  4. Availability of external links;
  5. Niche competition.

When all possible ranking factors are well worked out, then the long-awaited result comes. Quite often, clients come to us who already have the prerequisites for obtaining results in the form of positions and traffic.

It is only because of the inexperience/carelessness of the previous contractors, or the lack of desire to engage in SEO promotion earlier, that they have no results.

After conducting a detailed analysis of the projects, we were able to localize and eliminate a number of problems. As a result, our company has a sufficient number of successful cases with a noticeable increase in positions and traffic.

It is worth noting that such a development is not possible for every site. To achieve the desired result in the shortest possible time (1-2 months), the site must meet certain criteria.

Which sites can count on fast results

Based on our experience, one of the main criteria for obtaining fast results is the age of the domain. Moreover, it is important to note that we are not talking about the time from the moment of domain registration, but about the time from the moment of its first indexing by the search engine. This is due to the fact that in many niches there is such a concept as “sandbox” – an artificial limitation of positions for new sites. For the first 2-3 months, Google looks closely at the site and cannot immediately give it high positions. Quick results are possible in niches with low competition, as here competitors either have poorly optimized sites or simply do not promote them. As a result, having made maximum efforts in the first month of work, we can get a noticeable increase already in the next month.

It would be fair to say that the size of the budget is one of the main factors in achieving results, because with a low budget it is much more difficult (and sometimes simply unrealistic) to achieve positive dynamics in a short period of time.

Frequent obvious problems that do not allow to get results in a short time

As already mentioned, clients often come to us with quite obvious problems that prevent them from getting the desired result. Having eliminated them, we immediately receive feedback from the search engine in the form of an increase in positions and traffic.

Let’s analyze each of them in more detail.

Problems of a technical nature

Technical problems include:

  • problems that prevent the indexing of certain pages or the site as a whole;
  • the lack of a mobile version of the site and its low loading speed.

Content issues

The most common problems with content are its non-uniqueness, lack of usefulness and correct semantic markup. Non-unique content is the first and main reason why a perfectly optimized site from a technical point of view can fly out of the index and, accordingly, not participate in the ranking. The lack of benefit from the content will allow you to be indexed and even participate in the formation of search results, but somewhere outside the TOP-100 (since the search engine simply does not see the point of showing a useless page to its user). But semantic markup, with its correct and well-thought-out implementation, will help unique and useful content to occupy a place in the extended edition, thereby separating itself from competitors.

Problems with duplicate pages and extra pages

Apparently, these are the most non-obvious problems that occur mainly due to the inexperience of previous contractors. Previously, a very popular tactic in sacramento SEO was to create a huge number of narrowly targeted pages with a small amount of content for extremely small clusters of search queries. In this way, it was possible to obtain a rather rapid increase in positions due to the very high relevance of these pages to search queries. At the same time, Google does not stand still either, therefore, after many updates of search algorithms, creating pages in order to catch micro-frequency queries has become ineffective (and now such a tactic can even harm the site). The problem is that different pages created for micro-frequency queries can compete and interfere with the promotion of the main categories.

Site criteria for quick results in SEO

One of the most important factors for rapid growth is the age of the domain and the weak competitive environment. In addition, even with the presence of only one of these factors, it is possible to show a quick result.

If your site can score a total of 10 points or higher, then with proper financing and the density of work, a competent specialist will be able to show noticeable dynamics literally 1-2 months after the start of cooperation.

We recommend that you approach the selection of SEO contractors as responsibly as possible, because here it is important not just to promise results, but to really help in achieving them.

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