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How to Start a Real Estate Brokerage | 11 Simple Tips to Start Your Business

A real estate broker is a person who represents buyers or sellers, real estate, or real estate property. It is a great way to make money from commission. But, if you want to start up your real estate brokerage business, then you have to know these steps that are required to start your business.  

Guide to Start a Real Estate Brokerage

Follow these 11 steps to start a real estate brokerage:

Step-1: Get a Broker’s License

You must get a broker’s license first before you start your real estate brokerage business and get findings. To get the license, you have to make sure you meet all the requirements of your state’s realtor’s work. Then you have to get pre-license broker education and exam.

Step-2: Choose a Franchise or Independent Real Estate Brokerage

There are two types of brokerage that you can start with, but you need to choose one, whether it’s a franchise or an independent brokerage.

A franchise will give you a well-known name, branding, and marketing for a yearly fee. Now, the franchise has lots of advantages among them arranging training for agents, predetermined commission structure, and name recognition would be the most useful ones. However, its starting cost could be $250,000, or high that doesn’t include a myriad of recurring fees like monthly management fees, annual dues, transfer fees, transaction fees, and even renewal fees as well. 

Step-3: Determine Legal Structure

The legal structure of your real estate business will determine your financial liability, ownership, and taxation. So, you have to choose your legal structure wisely. Now, there are five types of legal structure.

Step-4: Online Brokerage Expenses

You have to outline your startup expenses and figure out ongoing costs before securing financing for your brokerage; after doing that, you can write a viable business plan and seek funding. 

You can start with a real estate brokerage, Entails Mountains of branding and advertising. Some of them will ongoing, and other expenses will be the initial startup costs.

Step-5: Write Your Business Plan

You have to write your business plan so that you can do that effectively. Now, a business plan is a roadmap for how you will set up your business. Further, the business plan also includes things like how you will get clients, recruit employees, and expenses. You can write a business plan by creating a summary of your services, identify your competitors, define your buyers, and explain the business model (including your target market and five years of financial projections).

Step-6: Register Your Business

You have completed making a good business plan. Now, you have to register your brokerage business. You only have to assemble some documents, file registration paperwork, and pay the registration fee that could be $50 to $600 for an LLC.

Step-7: Find Funding

You have to find a way or source for the funding of your business. You can consider the four main sources of capital brokerage, which are partnerships, bootstrapping, bank loans, and Small Business Association (SBA) loans.

Step-8: Recruiting Plan

You are running a real estate business. So, you will need people to help you, whether it could be agents or other people. Make a recruiting plan so that you can select the right person for your business.

Step-9: Set Up Marketing Tools

You have to set up some marketing tools for your business. To ensure your marketing is successful, you need to determine the best CRM for your brokerage.

Step-10: Launch and Market Your Brokerage

You have a plan for the marketing portion of launching your real estate brokerage. Then you have to put those plans into action.

Step-11: Re-evaluate

All the successful real estate people constantly re-evaluate business operations and their strategies.


You now have the step-by-step guide to startup your brokerage business. But, I will recommend you to research well and educate yourself properly so that you won’t face any problems in the future. Besides, always follow the pros and consider their tips. 

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