Role of AI Photography to Increase Car Dealerships

With the increasing competitiveness in the market, artificial intelligence has changed the face of businesses. Observing the dynamic interests of the customers, businesses leverage AI to grow significantly. In the car dealership market, consumers’ perspective highly depends on how you present your car before they lock a deal. Automotive sellers are heading speedily to find the best way to lure new customers.

Market research says that 75% of consumers buy a product based on its image shown. This is where AI photography and editing step in to help you put your best foot forward. Spyne AI helps you increase your car sales online.

AI-powered photography and editing enable effortless transformation at an effective cost to sell your cars. The power of tech-enabled car dealerships helps drive excellence and maximum profitability.

To boost car sales, a 360 spin car image is in vogue that catches customers’ attention. This type of photography offers a detailed view of any vehicle from multiple angles, highlighting the dents or scratches if any. Such detailing provides customers with the desired results while improving their likelihood to buy that vehicle.

How AI Photography Increases Car Dealerships?

AI-powered features make your car stand out and are likely to increase its chances of selling at the best price. If you are unaware of the power of photography and editing, let us help you unveil it.

  • Increases Selling Probability

AI photography enables the easy selling of vehicles as you witness multiple challenges in the online market. Infusing color and lighting effects, such as brightness, color contrast, background cluster removal, and more turns your vehicle image into a more striking one. Moreover, 360 spin car images and videos of a car provide a more enhanced idea about the vehicle to customers in their comfort zone. Leveraging these features, you can sell cars more efficiently in the online market.

  • An Opportunity to Show the Best Potential of Your Vehicle

High-quality images and videos of a vehicle encourage a customer to look at its potential and the features to buy it immediately. Better imaging and presentation allow car dealers to catch the eyes of customers. Great editing of vehicle images is a stepping stone for your business to offer the best service to your customers.

A combination of presenting vehicle images the right way and great service offering easily lets customers engage in your car dealership.

  • Customers Well Acquaint With Your Business

Customers feel overwhelmed with great service offerings. AI photography and editing can give your business an advantage. The perks of photo editing are not only confined to vehicles’ online presentation but also advertise your business well in the market.

  • Cost-Effectiveness

With professional AI photography and editing service providers, like Spyne, you mitigate the hassles of car dealerships. Spyne AI provides a comprehensive solution to transform your business picture with virtual studio and 360 spin car images & videos for a professional outlook. With this approach, you reduce the cost of buying equipment like cameras & lights and save a lot more time editing vehicle images the right way.

  • Smart Editing

Editing photos with care is the most crucial aspect of car dealerships. AI photography enables the right purporting of effects and lighting. This also includes background removal and/or replacing it with desired background. Based on the customer journey and experience, you can provide customized imaging to enhance their experience.

Smart editing of a vehicle image increases customers’ engagement in your business and turns them into potential buyers. This brings you higher profitability and stands tough in the competitive car-selling market.

Spyne – To Upgrade Your Car Dealerships Experience!

Spyne has gained significant attention with its virtual car studio and 360 spin car video services for customers. We provide your quick photo editing services with AI to accelerate customer experience and car dealerships, resulting in 40% higher clicks. Spyne enables vehicle coverage at different angles like professionals which lower manual dependency to edit pictures.

You get a choice of picking from 100+ backgrounds to make your vehicle look more appealing and elevate the digital dealership experience. Spyne AI allows enhancing the features of your car, such as lighting effects, varying angle capturing, adjusting colors, masking scratches or dents, and much more. This gives you a competitive advantage to stand ahead of your competitors and lets your business be well-acquainted in the online car dealerships market.

Summing Up

Vehicle showcasing with images and videos is pivotal in the online car dealership market. Be it a static image or a 360 spin car image, it’s all the game of presentation to your customers. This is why good visuals are crucial to selling cars at the best price. Spyne AI turns low-quality images into professional clicks with customized background editing and an interactive video tour session.

Serve your customers an AI-powered vehicle inspection experience right away and increase your car dealerships with more customer attention.

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