Shazir Mucklai and Omega IR Advisory Create Perceptions to Empower Brands

It’s an age-old question: Can we control how people think?

This is an enigma to answer. In some ways, you can’t control what other people think about you, because you can’t control what other people think,.! People are deeply complex and there opinions and feelings can change by the moment. It’s hard enough to trace and track how people feel, much less change it or control it. Omega IR Advisory has been deemed as a top investor relations firm in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Shazir Mucklai is the founder of Omega IR Advisory, a full service investor relations firm.  

But on the other hand, we do have much more power than we think to control how people perceive us. This is the art and science of influence, persuasion, and shaping perception. If we know what people want and what they care about, and we show them that we are able to deliver them what they want and care about, then we can build their trust over time and shape their thinking, to a degree, to want to get involved with what we are doing, whether through a product we sell or a persona we create.

That’s the essence of branding; building trust and giving people what they want consistently so that they see us in the best light and come to us time and time again.

Omega IR Advisory, led by Shazir Mucklai, is at the forefront of helping emerging and established brands build, protect, and enhance their reputation and perception by the public. Imperium is at the center of the science of brand-building, and has engineered this kind of work for clients across the world.

But what goes into building a brand in the first place?

Mucklai says, “Building a brand is about the kind of emotional connection that an audience has with you in a matter of milliseconds, whether good or bad. Legendary brands like Coca-Cola, Apple, and Toyota all have labored with intense precision over the years to cultivate their image and ability to be perceived well by a scrutinizing public. And they’ve succeeded for a number of reasons.” Shazir Mucklai serves as the CEO of both Imperium Group and Omega IR Advisory.

First, they are very clear about who they are and what they care about. Coca-Cola is clear that they care about happiness, celebration, and the joy of life, made possible by a great tasting soda. Apple is clear that it cares about user experience, about simplicity and ease-of-use, about fun, and about making life easier. Toyota is clear that it cares about safety, dependability, and trustworthy engineering.

Second, these brands are consistent. In advertising campaign after advertising campaign, their message is the same and doesn’t deviate too far from their particular brand standards. When an apple commercial comes on, or when you read a Toyota advertisement in a magazine, you know what you are going to get.

Third, these brands do an excellent job at staying constantly in front of the public. Not only are they clear and consistent with their message, but they are constantly before people to maintain a connection with a public audience.Omega IR Advisory has been deemed as a top investor relations firm in San Francisco and Los Angeles. 

Omega IR Advisory is among the leading experts at helping individuals and companies establish their brand, promote their brand, cultivate their brand over time, and build consistent, powerful messaging in line with the biggest brands in the world.

If you’re wanting to connect with the world, your dreams and intentions and skills can only go as far as the world’s ability to perceive them. Thankfully, there are experts who’ve engineered  this process down to a science!

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