Tips to Choose Modern and Classic Haircuts

The combination of modern and classy is quite hard to nail. But, when done correctly, this magical combo creates true magic. Such a notion is applicable to everything – from home decor to fashion and, of course, men’s hairstyles.

The grooming industry was intensively targeted towards women for a large part of the 20th century. But, as things change, men’s inclination towards grooming and looking good has increased by leaps and bounds. Therefore, the focus on and demand for flattering, classy, modern haircuts have also increased. Let’s check out sophisticated yet spunky hairdos, so that you can stay on top of your good looks game, always.

Best Way to Choose Classy and Modern Haircuts – Consider Your Face Shape

1. Modern and Sophisticated Haircuts for a Square-Shaped Face

If you have a square-shaped face with chiseled cheekbones and a defined and angular jaw, then congratulations, a number of modern haircuts for men will suit you. Trendy haircuts, such as Buzzcuts and French crops are a great option. Likewise, hairdos that are cropped across the back and sides and longer and higher the top also work well with your face shape, say, for instance, quiffs and pompadours.

2. Modern and Sophisticated Haircuts for a Round-Shaped Face

If you have a round-shaped face with softer features and a symmetrical facial silhouette from the top to modern, then the best trendy and classy haircuts for you would be those that add volume without bulk. The best bets include a classic side parting, tapers, and choppy bedhead looks.

3. Modern and Sophisticated Haircuts for Oval-Shaped Faces

Oval faces have similarities with round faces, but the former includes higher cheekbones and a smaller chin. Thus, the best men’s haircuts that a guy with an oval-shaped face chooses are soft crops and mild mods. In addition, the key is to stay away from long and sweeping fringes that cover your face and soften the angles. Instead, you can choose mid and long haircuts that are slicked back. Rely on the best men’s barbershop in Scottsdale to achieve the most flattering look.

4. Modern and Sophisticated Haircuts for Diamond-Shaped Faces

If you have a diamond-shaped face, then features like a prominent chin, more prominent cheekbones and angular features are what define you. The modern and trendy haircuts you choose must balance your face and soften your facial features. With this in mind, trendy haircuts like longer, layered styles work incredibly well. For shorter hairstyles, you can opt for fringes and softer and textured sides.

5. Modern and Sophisticated Haircuts for Oblong-Shaped Faces

The hairstyle you should choose as a guy with an oblong face must do the job of broadening your face, and not make it appear longer. For example, avoid hairdos that are shorter on the back and sides than they are on the top. You can go for classic scissor-cut styles, such as the Ivy League and Executive Contour.

These are the tips to choose the best, most modern and classic haircut as per your face shape. Speak to a professional today and they’ll offer all the advice you’ll need!

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