What’s the best way to use a massage chair?

It’s only human to want to kick back and take it easy after a hard day at the office. A massage chair is an excellent tool for this purpose. This helpful tool can replicate the calming effects of a professional massage in the convenience of your own home.

It’s a great way to increase your energy and quality of sleep while relieving the aches and pains that come from sitting at a desk all day. There are several massage chair options to pick from. Check out our best-selling massage chairs to find one with the features you require.

In a week, how many times should you use your chair?

You may wonder how often in a week you can use your massage chair if you currently own one. While moderation is essential when using any fitness equipment, a chair is no exception. Three or four times a week, for about an hour, is the recommended frequency for using your massage chair.

Letting the chair massage away for hours is tempting but limits your sessions. You may get bruises if you overuse your massage chair in high-pressure mode. This might cause muscle damage, which can worsen back and neck pain. Overusing a chair might cause circulation problems. Consult with your doctor.

Even though three to four sessions a week is best, you should build up to this slowly. If you’ve never used a massage chair, start with 30-minute sessions and do no more than one or two a week. Once your body is used to the rollers, you can increase the pressure and the number of times you use them.

What’s the best time to get a massage?

Some of our customers like to use our massage chairs in the morning if they woke up sore. They believe it boosts their energy and productivity at work.

Others use it at the end of the day to remove neck and shoulder stress. It helps them relax and sleep. Our consumers say you should never feel inflexible and should use our massage chair anytime you need it.

A massage chair can benefit you in several ways.

If you’re having trouble deciding when to take a break in a massage chair, consider the following bodily signs:

You’re Experiencing Physical Aches

If you’re feeling physically strained, it’s only natural that you want to relax in our massage chair. If you’re experiencing neck or lower back pain, you’ll want to sink into this massage chair immediately.

You’re Feeling Stressed or Anxious

Stress and anxiety often manifest physically as aches and pains. When life gets too much, whether at home or in the office, you can take a half-hour or an hour to relax in your massage chair.

Keep in mind that each session shouldn’t go over an hour. Relaxation from our massage chairs is long-lasting and won’t wear off till the day is through.

A Guide to Avoiding Overdoing It

There will always be the urge to stay longer than an hour and just sit in your massage chair for the rest of the day or night. However, this will only make your body hurt even more. Here are some ways to keep yourself from getting damaged during massages:

Set a Timer

Our massage chairs have pre-set time limitations for each mode. You can customize the time. Setting a timer helps you conclude sessions. Alarms should wake you if you fall asleep. You can also tell your spouse, relative, or roommate you’ll be done in an hour. So, they may check on you every hour and let you know.

Monitor How You Feel

After each session, you’ll still feel the benefits of your massage chair. Maintain a log of your feelings before, during, and after using the massage chair. Keep a journal by the chair to record your thoughts and feelings, the date, time, length of use, and any insights gained from your time there.

Overuse of the chair might cause muscle discomfort and cramping hours later. The minimum recommended rest period between workouts is 24 hours.

Target Specific Areas

Targeting certain regions solely is another strategy you may use to prevent yourself from abusing your massage chair. For instance, our D.Core Cirrus massage chair features foot and calf rollers that you may use to relieve stress in your legs and feet. You will only receive a massage on your lower legs and feet if you choose to sit in this chair.

If you’re prone to the neck, shoulder, and lower back problems, our Daiwa Pegasus 2 Smart is a terrific solution. We are targeting specific body parts without overusing the chair. ShoulderFit technology allows customers to customize the shoulder massage breadth for comfort.


Use your massage chair moderately, as with all good things. Set a one-hour limit per session. A massage chair can cure stress and body aches in an hour at home, making it an excellent investment for your physical and mental health.

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