4 Questions To Ask A Drug Rehab Facility Before Enrolling

Finding the right recovery center is essential to the success of your recovery. Unfortunately, not every facility will have the means to provide you with all you’ll need to achieve total recovery. Some facilities are more focused on the business end of detox programs and, therefore, are not the best fit for those taking their recovery seriously.

It can be challenging to decide on the best program to enroll in, especially if you’re new to recovery. It might seem that finances would be the main factor determining your choice, but there are many factors to consider before deciding on the right recovery program. Knowing how to identify the programs worthy of your trust and money and those to avoid can be difficult without guidance.

Thankfully, we’ve created a list of essentials to ask at a facility before you decide to enroll. Review the questions below and ensure you’re satisfied with the answers before making your final decision. The best drug rehab facility is the one that will meet your needs as an individual looking to reclaim your well-being and lead a healthy lifestyle. Read on for four questions to ask potential facilities.

1. What do you offer patients?

Asking a question like this is the first step to distinguishing a rehab facility worthy of your time from one to avoid. If you are met with responses that boast of luxurious amenities and “perks,” these are red flags. A true detox facility is interested in your safety, recovery, and medical assistance. Facilities that offer 24-hour medical staff, on-site counselors and psychiatrists, and a “no-frills” approach are the centers to look out for.

2. Is there financial accommodation?

Not every drug rehab facility will offer financial accommodation. While there’s a range of how flexible and helpful a center may be, those that provide any financial assistance are typically more qualified to assist you than those that offer nothing. Look for centers with options like insurance coverage, payment plans, and other final resources.

3. What professionals make up the staff directory?

Another important indicator that will inform you of whether to consider a drug rehab or not is the staff directory of the facility. If you find that most professionals are fitness coaches, volunteers, dieticians, and other supplemental assistance providers, look elsewhere. You should see medical staff providers, including doctors, nurses, psychiatrists, licensed mental health counselors, and others who are trained and qualified to assist those going through recovery.

4. How soon can I get started?

Unfortunately, no matter how high-quality the program is, not every facility can offer instant enrollment. Ensure you get a straight answer on when you can expect to enroll and start your recovery journey. Knowing the timeframe will give you more direction on which drug rehab to go with.

Where is your best match?

Finding the right drug rehab is about prioritizing the factors that really matter to foster a lasting recovery. Consider the above four questions as you search for facilities near you to find the best match.

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