An Introduction To Anchor Clamp

Anchor clamp tensioning provides the advantages of anchors and screw clamps; these anchor tension fasteners are installed on bends at the start and end of the route to ensure that the wires remain secure between the transmission line supports.

How to use it?

Anchor clamps are available for all types of poles and then hold the cable at the desired horizontal tension and height. Suspensions must be mounted on the mid-pole as they keep the cables at the proper height.

How to install it?

  1. Attach the anchor clamp to the rod bracket using the flexible snap ring.
  2. Place the anchor on the cable with the wedge behind it.
  3. Push the wedge by hand to start clamping the cable.
  4. Check the correct positioning of the cables between the wedges.
  5. When the cable reaches its installed load at the end rod, the wedge moves further into the plastic anchor clamp body.


Anchor clamps are very efficient tools, easy to use and install, and can be used for a variety of purposes. After a brief understanding of anchor clips, if you want to have a deeper understanding, please contact Henvcon, we can provide a large number of high-quality products and perfect services.



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