What are the Advantages of Swine Lighting?

If you own a pig farm, you know that there are many factors to consider for ensuring the well-being of your pigs. One factor is the swine lighting provided in your farm to prevent stress, grow healthier and more productive piglets and produce better quality meats with less risk of disease.

Swine lighting can reduce aggression

A bespoke LED light has been created for the poultry market which has removed the red part of the color spectrum. This reduces the animals’ ability to see red objects in their environment, which are common causes of aggression. From current research, it is believed that reducing the red component of the light will not have any significant behavioral benefits or detrimental effects on pigs, therefore, the bespoke poultry LED may be suitable for use on pig units.

How will changing to an Agriculture Lighting system impact the pig farm?

Agriculture lighting can provide several benefits to a pig farm, including increased production, improved animal health, and decreased energy costs. One of the biggest benefits is improved animal health. Agricultural lighting can help to improve the health and productivity of pigs by providing them with better light quality and quantity. This can help to reduce the incidence of disease and promote better growth, breeding, and pigmentation. In addition, energy costs can be reduced by using agricultural lighting instead of traditional lighting sources such as candles or incandescent bulbs.

Agricultural lighting is an important tool for pig farmers, as it helps to improve the overall health and productivity of their herds. If you’re interested in using agricultural lighting in your farm operation, be sure to contact Hontech Wins.

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