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Here’s How Distracted Driving Causes Motorcycle Accidents

Distracted driving is a behavior that can result in catastrophic outcomes for others on the road and those affected. Examples of distracted driving include paying too much attention to passengers while driving, answering text messages while driving, or fumbling with the radio while driving. These, of course, are just a few examples of the ways that distracted driving can take shape.

Distracted driving is an activity that distracts attention from driving. While every state has its definition of the behavior, the idea is that anything that can divert attention while driving is distracted driving. Even taking a sip of soda while driving can have adverse consequences.

While distracted driving can cause car accidents, it can also cause motorcycle accidents. Nearly 41% of motorcycle accidents are due to a driver’s lack of awareness that a motorcycle is present. When the driver is distracted, it is less likely they will be able to slow down before crashing into the motorcycle or notice road hazards and other dangers in time.

To learn more about how these accidents occur, continue reading and learn how Distracted Driving Motorcycle Accident Lawyers can help.

Contact Distracted Driving Motorcycle Accident Lawyers for assistance.

  • Although most states have fines and punishments for drivers who engage in distracted driving, accidents still occur frequently. The adverse outcomes of distracted driving are serious and can result in death or permanent injuries to the involved parties.
  • Should the motorcyclists be unable to work, the distracted driver may bear the cost of the medical expenses and parts replacements from damage to motorcycle parts.
  • The rider also endures pain and suffering and a reduced quality of life after the accident. Serious monetary damages may be required through Distracted Driving Motorcycle Accident Lawyers advocating for the injured party in these cases.

Common causes of distracted driving leading to motorcycle accidents.

While there are many different examples of distracted driving, Distracted Driving Motorcycle Accident Lawyers list the following as the most common causes that can lead to motorcycle accidents:

  • using smartphone or electronics while driving
  • shifting attention from driving to something else
  • poor weather conditions on the road
  • other drivers/people on the road
  • cognitive distractions, either manual or visual

Serious consequences can occur.

Unsurprisingly, motorcycle accidents are often the fault of distracted drivers. In fact, distracted driving is the number one cause of motorcycle accidents. The destruction can be severe for motorcycles as they are much smaller than standard vehicles, and it is hard to see them on the road, especially when distracted.

Motorcyclists are at risk of suffering personal injuries, TBIs, organ damage, and more. Permanent losses, including wrongful death, can even result. Work with Distracted Driving Motorcycle Accident Lawyers to resolve your case for the best possible outcomes.

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Understanding motorcycle accident severity, frequency, and nature of cause is vital in taking legal action to address these instances. If you or someone you love has been injured in a motorcycle accident, reach out to Distracted Driving Motorcycle Accident Lawyers today.

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