Why men are eager to get married

There is a perception that women always dream of marriage, while men are reluctant to admit that marriage does not interest them. Do you still believe this? We gathered men’s opinions on why they want (or wanted) to get married when surveyed by our Princess Date Agency.

 8. The time is right

Men like women hear the sacramental “tick-tock” of the biological clock. Sometimes it’s joined by public opinion, which men listen to even more than women, or it’s simply time to take the wife they’re already in a relationship with.

“I’ve come of age. All my friends and coworkers around me are married.”

“We lived together for three years and got married because we had to make a choice: stay single or be together with her further on in life.”

“I got married because I still had to. We had been with her for five years, so it was better that it was someone I knew and trusted.”

“I just felt it was time to stop partying and start building a family.”

“I was tired of being alone.”

7. Fear

It’s not just little kids’ fear of hiding under the bed, but men’s as well. It was surprising and strange to hear that the stronger half of humanity is afraid of being alone in bed, without a partner, without support.

“I’m scared to sleep alone at night.”

“I was afraid of being alone.”

“If I didn’t get married and just lived with her, she would eventually leave me, go to someone else who would offer her marriage. And I would have been left alone.”

 6. Career and status

It is a fact that married men are less likely to lose their jobs or be fired. Managers attribute this to the fact that the “married” are easier to supervise and they are more stable in their jobs. Men themselves believe that married status gives them seriousness.

There are also those who act in the best royal tradition and choose only career or educationally useful people as spouses, using marriage as a springboard for career or educational advancement.

“The main reason for me is the stability and reputation associated with my wife,” he said.

“I got married because her father was the chancellor of a university. Although I am now divorced, family life is no longer interesting to me, but I still got my degree.”

 5. Offspring

Surprisingly, this is a fairly common answer. The age of the man is not so important here. People at different ages dream of having children: young (20-22 years old), men in adulthood and older men (35-40 years old). Some also see children as a way to build their importance or satisfy their desire to be needed by someone.

“The reason is children. They are an opportunity to pass on my accumulated experience to the next generation.”

“I got married so that future children would know me as a daddy.”

“I want to continue the lineage of my family.”

“A man can do anything! But he can’t have children without a woman, so he gets married”.

 4. The desire to be close

A deep and conscious feeling leads to the strongest and longest lasting family relationships. Some call it true love, while others speak of their destiny. In such relationships they find inspiration and feel a deep soul kinship and understanding.

“I couldn’t imagine my life without her, she became part of my future,” he says.

“It’s just that one time you realize that without this person you can’t achieve your goals, and with her you are capable of anything.”

“I wanted to get married because I met a woman who matches my inner world. We are very similar.”

“I proposed because my girlfriend really wanted to get married, but while organizing the wedding I realized that I wanted to live my whole life only with her.”

“I got married because she is the only one I want to spend every minute of my life with.”

3. Comfort

Men prefer to enjoy comfort and coziness. Some believe that cooking should be a woman’s job, and having a well-cleaned house and the aroma of cooked food can dazzle a man and make him eventually choose a homely and caring woman as his wife.

“I got married because I couldn’t cook.”

“I wanted to get married because my girlfriend cooks the best.”

“Men need a woman’s care. If in childhood it was mom, then with time there is a desire to receive care from a beloved wife.”

“I got married so that I could stay at home in peace and not go out anywhere.”

“I thought that being married would raise my position in society.”

2. Marital sex

Although there is a saying “marrying for sex is like buying a cow for a liter of milk,” many men view marriage as an opportunity to get constant sex.

However, not all men dream of constant intimacy with someone unknown. Many only want to experience passion with the woman they love for the rest of their lives.

“There is always a warm bed and sex whenever I want it.”

“Constant sex with the one I love and everything that goes with it.”

“I got married because sex with her is like having a harem.”

“When I was young, sex was all I thought about, but then my girlfriend convinced me that in marriage you don’t have to hide from your parents.”

 1. Falling in love

The most common answer to this question is romantic crush. Men fall in love with their chosen women and completely immerse themselves in this love, striving to get married so that they can lead their beloved woman to the veil like a true knight.

“We just fall in love. It happens.”

“I got married out of stupidity – I fell in love.”

“Women are magicians! I fell in love. Two weeks before the wedding I was in nirvana, but after ten years I began to wonder what compelled me to take that step.”

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