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How Do You Flip Real Estate Contracts

Flipping real estate contracts are also known as the wholesaling of property. It is different from flipping houses. That is because, in that case, an investor-only buys the contract from the seller and sells that contract to a buyer.

Step-By-Step Guide for Flipping Real Estate Contracts

Follow these steps to flip real estate contracts or wholesaling:

Step-1: Find Property

To flip real estate contracts, you have to find a property to purchase the contract so that you can sell that to a buyer. But, I must say it’s vital to find the best property that will bring some profit to you. In that case, find a distressed property that you can buy under market value.

Step-2: Convince the Owner

Found a property! Now, you have to convince the owner of that property to sell that to you. You have to make a deal with the owner that he or she can’t resist. Further, motive the owner so that he or she quickly agrees to sell. Make sure you have signed a contract with the owner.

Step-3: Make a Team

You should make your team consist of a title company, contractor, and appraiser. These people will save your time and effort. They will determine if the property needs repair or appraisal the property.

Step-4: Renovation

Properly access the property and see if it needs repair or something. You can ask your contractor about the cost that he will estimate.

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Step-5: Find a Buyer

You have purchased the contract of a property. Now, you need to sell it to a buyer whom you need to find. You can find a buyer from real estate networks, websites, and other places too.

Step-6: Negotiate

Found a buyer! Then now, negotiate with him about your offer and the price that you are intended to sell. Always remember to convince him and make a great deal so that you can earn maximum profit. In this case, your negotiation skills have to be good.

Step-7: Closing

It’s time to close the deal since you have negotiated with the buyer, and all have agreed on a deal. Make your deal legal by signing a contract. Then get paid, and you are done.

Things You Must Remember While Flipping Real Estate Contracts

You are ready for flipping real estate contracts! If not, then follow the guide properly and make sure you are ready. Before getting started, you should know these seven things about flipping contracts.

Determine Your Criteria

You should at least have an idea of what you are expecting or what would be the outcome of the contract that you are buying. You must not waste your time making offers on properties that don’t fit with what you are trying to get. But, to get good results, you at least know what you are trying to accomplish and what your goals are.

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You must have to be good at analyzing deals. Your number doesn’t have to be perfect when you are putting the offer. But, you have to evaluate each opportunity and decide whether it’s worth purchasing. Analyzing the property will help you in making a decision you should buy the property or not. 

Don’t Forget to Negotiate

So, you have found a property and made your mind that you are going to buy it. But don’t forget to negotiate with the seller. That is because negotiation is the most important part. Besides, you should question yourself if that property good deal or not, but don’t walk away. Moreover, negotiate about the price that you like to offer to the seller.


I hope this guide would be helpful to you. The step-by-step guidelines will help you to understand how to flip real estate contracts like a pro. Follow these steps correctly to start your business. Besides, you must keep in mind those seven things to avoid problems and mistakes.

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