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Junkyard Code – Bunker 05 in Warzone 2022 – Know Everything You Need To Know

If you’re looking for a great place to build your junkyard code, the West Junkyard Bunker is an excellent option. This area contains two bunkers, one of which is located beneath the stairs in the largest building on the farm. In addition to this, the south junkyard bunker also has a locked door and is very close to the other one. Ultimately, you can use both junkyard codes to create the ultimate bunker complex.


In the Caldera during the Season 4 Mercenaries of Fortune upgrade, seven vaults are accessible. The map below shows a list of those places. Another thing to keep in mind is that a Golden Keycard is required to open any vault (at least those that are currently accessible). Without a keycard, you can still use the transit system.

The first two bunkers are near one another, so you should get your Red Access Card if you want to get in. This bunker is located beneath a huge Russian board, and it can be accessed by trap door. Lastly, there is bunker 05, which is located above a railroad tunnel. The bunker is located between Lumber and Quarry, just east of the stadium. Once you’ve unlocked both bunkers, you can make your way to the next one.

Vault 02: The hatch in Industrial Docks, adjacent to some green huts, a fence, and a truck, is where you can enter Vault 02 – Docks.

Vault 03 – Runway is located inside the sizable structure with the antennae on top. Once inside, look for the green door with the hatch leading to the bunker in the northeast corner of the building.

Vault 05 – Head west from Mines to the Phosphate Mines region, where you’ll discover the next hatch, to find Vault 05 – Mines.

Vault 08 – Lagoon: This bunker is situated near a plane wreck and a group of bungalows at Clear Water Lagoon. Find the hatch immediately next to a little cottage with a straw roof, close to the sea.

At Plentiful Fields, directly behind the silos and a big blue building, is a bunker called Vault 10 — Fields. The hatch is hidden by grassy clumps.

Go through the waterfall southeast of the main Power Plant structure to access Vault 12 — Power Plant. You can reach the hatch if you enter the room.

Vault 14 — Resort: This bunker is situated at the Royal Cabana Resort, southwest of the huge yellow sniper tower, near some bushes and trees.

You can also unlock some of the warzone bunker locations with the help of a code. This way, you can quickly purchase killstreaks and get to your next objective. You can also get access to the two bunker locations near the Buy Station, which is located east of the Junkyard. If you find a key, you can then unlock both. Then, you’ll be able to proceed to the next bunker and collect the red card.

Another way to find valuable loot is to go to the Warzone TV Station. There, you can find green boxes that contain loadout cards. These cards will grant you access to your entire inventory. You can also access this item through the map, but the keypad code you need to use is 27495810.

If you can’t find a farm bunker to hack, try to crack the farm code hidden in the farm. It’s the most valuable base you can build in Warzone. You can find the keypad under the stairs, but you may have to contend with other players who are trying to crack the code as well. If you find an open farm bunker, it’s possible to go inside and grab the goodies. There are several other ways to get access to these locations.

The Bunker Code was first in the Bunker Warzone. It involved ringing phones and deciphering Russian numbers to solve the puzzle. The players needed to remain out of the way of the enemy’s camera to solve the puzzle. The map has since been closed, but the old location may be used again in the future. If the new one does, it will be reopened. There is no word yet on whether or not this will become a permanent feature.

Currently, there are 12 active warzone bunkers. Each bunker is designed differently. There are two entrances, one for the attackers and one for the defenders. Each bunker has a specific purpose, and one is closer to the objective, while the others provide better coverage. While the defending team may be the better choice, some players prefer the more accessible bunkers. And a few players are looking for these.

In the West, you can reach the bunkers through the airport. It’s close to the blue hangar and is accessed by using the red access card. You can also get to the warzone bunkers by using an eight-digit unique code. For example, the Zordaya Prison More Complex features a shack that has a keypad. Before the nuke event, the shack was a keypad.

Aside from this, the west and north-west military bases contain a bunker. It’s a great place to loot, and you can loot up to four thousand crates. Just make sure that you can translate Russian because some of the crates are marked by blue icons. Otherwise, you’ll get stuck in Russian! You’ll be left with few options but to make the most of the area.

If you’re looking for more secrets, try a few new weapons. They can help you earn experience faster. In addition, you can earn coins and XP. These are great items to have, but you can only carry them so many times. You can use these codes to buy items. There are more junkyard codes to get. Just remember to use them wisely. You can get a lot more weapons and more items this way.

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