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Instruct How to play Go Effectively for Beginners 2024

How to play Go What is the question asked by many people? Because of its popularity of this subject is extremely large because of the number of players participating. If you still don’t know how to play this attractive chess game, then join Trang chủ New88 to learn about the following lesson.

Origin of Go

Go was invented in ancient China as a strategy game between two players. Recognized by the world community as one of the oldest types of flags invented by mankind. This game is extremely popular in Asia and is increasingly spreading to European regions.

Introducing the chess board

The common characteristic of a square chessboard is that it has parallel planes and vertical lines divided into squares with regular angles. On the market today, the most popular chess boards are: 9×9/13×13 and 19×19 (unit is the number of squares).

The 19×19 square chess board (ie 361 squares) according to Eastern culture represents 361 days of the year (according to the Lunar calendar). In addition, the 4 edges of the chessboard will represent the 4 periods of Spring/Summer/Autumn/Winter.

Screenshot 1

To be able to understand the basic strategies, those who are just starting to come into contact with it How to play Go will be encouraged to play on a 9×9 chess board. After that, if you need to improve your strategy on the chessboard, some players can choose the upgraded version of the 13×13 chessboard. This means that you need to be flexible in how you play, but you cannot use such simple strategies on a 9×9 chess board.

Instructions for playing Go

You need to clearly understand some principles and rules of the game before playing this chess game. Besides, players need to equip a few basic items, including Chinese chess (9×9, 13×13 or 19 x 19), cards (black and white) and a friend to play with. Below are detailed instructions on how to play the basic game for new players.

Rules when playing –  How to play Go

Like other chess games, How to play Go There are separate rules that players must understand before participating in a game. Specifically:

  • Article 1: There are no chess pieces on the board at the beginning of a game, meaning the board is empty. The person holding the Black piece has the right to play first.
  • Article 2: Players have the full right to place chess pieces at any time on the chessboard. However, placing it at the intersection of the squares (see picture) is the correct way to place it. It will not be correct if you place it on a square table or on an edge.
  • Article 3: This is a principle that everyone must remember when knowing How to play Go. Once placed on the chessboard, the cards will not be moved nor moved. Only the surrounded pieces will be captured and become the enemy’s slaves.
  • Article 4: Players can only place 1 chess piece on the chessboard after each turn. You may lose if you place more than 2 pieces or more.
  • Article 5: The player has the full right not to move if he has not found his move. Or when two opponents leave, the game will end. Then, whoever has the most “high scores” will be the winner.

The purpose of Go –  How to play Go

The spaces on the chessboard for each side to occupy are lands. The larger the number of lands captured, the higher the number of points needed to hit. Therefore, the first target of this chess is the “good” positions on the board. However, besides the goal of getting the most seats, players must also pay attention to the number of enemy troops currently on the table.

Rules of Go –  How to play Go

First of all, participants must learn about “Qi” to master the rules of chess. The positions surrounding a chess piece when a chess piece is dropped on the chessboard are called its energy. The “x” marks represent the energy of each piece. Your piece has 4 energy points if it does not encounter any opponent’s piece blocking it. The participant will deduct 1 extra point for each opponent’s chess piece placed in the box.

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The goal of each game of Go is to make the opponent’s white piece lose all its energy. For example, if according to the drawing below, if the White piece hits the “x” spot on the chessboard, it will become the Black piece numbered “o”. Because at that time, all black “o” pieces had lost all their energy and became White’s slaves.


Above are detailed instructions from New88 How to play Go Effective for those who want to experience it. On the systemThe New88 homepage is also updating this game for players. In the future, these will also become the most visited games here.

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