Things to remember when playing cricket fantasy league

Describing the craze of Cricket among Indians is speechless. As much as they like to play cricket on the field, they had made a new craze of playing cricket online with the benefit of bonus points and having fun. To begin playing fantasy cricket league, the user has to choose the 11 players in a team and follow the rules that are mandatory for both teams.

Certain other things that need to be considered when playing IPL fantasy league that could help and increase the chance of earning huge bonus points which have been discussed below-

  1. Know the weather forecast- Knowing the weather forecast is most important when playing cricket on the field but at the time of playing fantasy cricket league online, the agenda of analyzing the weather forecast is to know the participation of all 11 players from both the teams.
  2. Analyse the pitch report- The other important thing to consider after analyzing the weather forecast is to know the pitch report.Pitch has a great influence on the performance of the players. If there is a flat pitch then it increases the chance of batsmen to score the runs and win the match but if the pitch is wet or bouncy then playing cricket cannot be successful.
  3. Differentiate the players’ performance- While playing the cricket premier league it is advisable to not put your emotions inside. If you are playing an IPL game earn money, then play for the right spirit. Choose the players’ not based on favoritism but based upon their previous matches and record report. Thus, before selecting the team, make a players’ performance comparison and choose them wisely.Visit The Site: artdailymagazine
  4. Choose Captain and Vice-Captain- Cricket is incomplete without Captain and a Vice-captain. When choosing the 11 players in a team, it is important to devote a little attention to choosing the captain and vice-captain of a team who can cheer and guide at every step. They play a vital role in Fantasy cricket. Thus, one should select the captain who is an all-rounder and earns you 2 times extra points. On the other hand, Vice-captain will help you earn extra points. The combination of both captain’s points will give the largest points vice-versa.Visit The Site: magzinenews
  5. Build your strong team-After you have done all the weather forecast checks, analysed the pitch report, and know the player’s performance, it’s time to create a team of 11 players now. The team should involve the players good at batting, bowling, all-rounders. EtcA team full of doing an excellent job on the pitch can increase the chances of earning the brownie points. Thus, choose ideally and embrace your experience of playing cricket matches to the next level.Visit Here: mywikinews
  6. Toss- Toss is the other important tip that decides the fate of one team either to go first for batting or bowling. Once the toss has been done, the list of confirmed players will pop up. Make sure all players in Cricket are active and participate. Otherwise, the team will lose and you won’t able to make high points.
  7. Invest money wisely- Once you are ready with your team of 11 players, it is the right time to invest money in the game. Sometimes people invest a whole proportion in the game and lose the entire amount at the end of the game. It is always better first look into the winning amount you gain by winning 1-2 matches divide equally and invest your proportion and this way the remaining proportion will be saved.Read More About: magazinehub
  8. Checking the last moment updates- Life is unexpected and one should be ready for the last moment changes. If your player becomes ill, then it is important to look at the updates and news to replace the player with another. So, make sure to arrange the subsidiary at the time of choosing the 11 players in the team. Also, you should be aware of changing positions during the match.
  9. Last-minute changes- Always assured with your team you are choosing instead of making any last-minute changes. Before the toss, might you get a few minutes to undo-redo any team player, but after the toss begin you lose the opportunity to make any changes in your team. The rules are equal for all the teams who are looking for making changes in their team for any reason.
  10. Gaze the match till the end- Try to maintain true sportsmanship till the end even if you are losing the match. True sportsmanship is known by cheering the members of the team and showing enthusiasm throughout the match. Thus, win-lose is the two outcomes but maintaining sportsmanship is the ultimate winning.
  11. Choose simple applications- If you wish to startfantasy cricket league game play online it is important to start with a simple application instead of with a tricky one. Don’t burden yourself with too technical apps that create difficulty for you. Being a beginner you need something ready to steady and go and once you become confident, then you will be able to tackle challenges.
  12. Connect with friends online- If you are a beginner and want to explore the fantasy cricket game application, you can play with your friends to get clarity. To play a fantasy cricket game, one needs to have a stable internet connection and a smartphone\tablet where one can invite their friends online and improve on social skills.

To conclude-

Cricket is not just a game for the Indians but an emotion. From different age groups, every individual takes a deep interest in the game and plays with true spirit. Nowadays, the craze of playing fantasy cricket games online has been increased among generations. Likely on the field, they have to follow the game with rules and regulations, and similarly the same follows at the off field.

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The above article has mentioned all the tips and tricks that are requiredto be understood for the people who are taking an interest in fantasy cricket league but are new to this online platform and for those who want to earn money by playing a fantasy cricket league.

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