What are the children’s areas of IT schools?

There are many opportunities in IT for children! The variety of programming courses sometimes confuses children and parents. What types of courses are there? How to choose the right direction for a child? Flip through!

In IT, there are extremely many directions and opportunities for self-realization. Most of such popular directions in the field of IT are absent both in primary and in higher educational institutions. Therefore, in order to provide your child with a successful future related to the field of information technologies, you need to look for alternative options. Special courses have been created for this, and even from school age you can start studying programming or other areas in the IT field in order to master the newest professions of today and the future.

In order to take your place in the field of IT, computer science lessons alone are not enough. For a better understanding, let’s first define the directions of IT activities that are present in the field and are in demand on the IT market.

The following main types of IT activities are distinguished:

Development, or programming

Here it is worth writing about the familiar vision of a programmer. These professionals create software, games, websites, programs, etc. At programming courses in Lviv, you can learn a variety of programming languages, create a first project, a chatbot, a game, depending on the complexity and scope of implementation.


Software testers look for bugs and eliminate them so that the final product is of the highest quality. This direction is also very popular at courses in Lviv, because you can master a new profession in a short period of time.


Another promising direction where children can learn to create a visual image for websites, interior models or household items, game characters.


Here you can get to know the business side of IT. For example, you will learn how to properly interact with a team, communicate, master the basic time management tools, and also develop leadership skills.


Here you can learn to promote sites, engage in social networks and make any product recognizable.

Other directions

There are also directions that have become popular among young people: blogging, photography, robotics, etc. Electronics, mechanics, mathematics and programming, or light creative directions. Here you can create primitive robots, or your own video blog with the motion books, learn to take pictures and get a new profession.

Each of these directions leads to a sought-after and highly paid profession. IT is developing rapidly, new programming languages ​​and new trends are emerging. It is worth using the method of trial and error, trying your hand in several directions.

You can try any direction and choose the most suitable one. Leave an application and we will help you find your own vocation.

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