What are the Conditions in Which You Can File an Appeal for Title IX Accusation?

Title IX violation is a serious offense, but not everyone is aware of the potential legal recourse available to them. It’s important to understand your rights as an individual who falls victim to this type of crime. This article will provide you with some guidance on when it’s possible to file an appeal.

It’s not uncommon for people who have been wronged by Title IX violation to want justice and pursue legal action in response. Often, people will turn this option down because they’re unsure of their eligibility for filing an appeal. However, a California Title IX advisor can help you file an appeal when you feel the opportunity arose for a more fair and just result. 

Here are some common conditions in which you can file an appeal for a Title IX accusation.

  • Discovery of new evidence

A common issue many people run into is when the accused person tries to file an appeal with new evidence. If you have evidence that you’d like to bring up in the appeal, such as a witness who was present but not previously mentioned or written evidence, it’s important that you do so as soon as possible. New evidence could clear up the issue and give you a more fair result. A Title IX attorney can further help you with how you can use new evidence to your advantage.

  • A clear mistake in Title IX procedures

In the event that you feel the Title IX officer didn’t follow the correct procedure for handling an accusation, you can file an appeal. If you have evidence to prove that your rights were violated in any manner, this evidence can help with filing an appeal. Title IX advisors will be able to help you gather documentation of these mistakes so that your case stands a strong chance of succeeding.

  • Obvious bias on the part of one or more Title IX officials

If you believe that a Title IX official has demonstrated bias against you, you can file an appeal. The decision must be in line with their behavior toward you and the situation. Be sure to provide evidence that the Title IX official showed bias during your hearing. It’s important to bring this claim up as soon as possible so that it’s not overlooked due to time constraints. A Title IX attorney can help you build a strong case in these scenarios.

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