What happens if you feed the baby leftover formula?

It’s not a secret that caring for an infant takes a lot of time and effort because what is good for an adult can be unacceptable for a baby. However, nowadays, many facilities simplify the life of young parents a lot e.g. diapers, baby formula, etc. Modern markets with baby food are full of various baby feeding for any peculiarities of development that are very easy to prepare. 

If a kid does not have allergies or digestive problems, any formula can be acceptable. It is great if in its content there are Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, which contribute to the harmonious development of the nervous system. What makes the formula highlighting among others is the organic label, so you can be sure the ingredients are not only natural but also they cause digestive problems less than the regular one. On Organic’s Best there are formulas with EU organic label that means they pass through high organic baby food standards and at least 95% of the components are of natural origin.

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How to choose formula?

Before starting bottle-feeding, it is best to consult a pediatrician so you can get advice on what to pay attention to. For example, if a child is low or underweight, it needs to have a more nutritious and easily digestible formula. In case a baby is prone to allergies, digestive issues, or skin rashes, only a pediatrician should prescribe the proper feeding to relieve the symptoms.

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You may focus your narrow attention on organic infant feeding which has fully clean contents, for example, HiPP baby formula. All milk HIPP baby food is designed with ecologically pure cow milk, obtained without the use of hormones, fertilizers, pesticides, and antibiotics, in compliance with all organic production standards.

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Peculiarities of the preparation

When you come up with the right feeding, you may face difficulties with its preparation. At first glance, preparing the formula seems quite a difficult and time-consuming activity, but when you acquire a certain skill, you will make it in a couple of minutes, with a slight movement of your hand. Here is the common algorithm for preparation:

  • Prepare a container 
  • Boil the water and cool it so that it becomes warm, but does not cool down at all
  • Open the package with formula and pour the required amount(it must be marked in the instruction)

Why shouldn’t the leftover be used?

In case there are leftovers after feeding in no case should it be reused.  Firstly, such a formula deteriorates very quickly. Even in an hour, harmful bacteria which multiply very quickly form in it. Such bacteria can cause heartburn, colic, and even food poisoning. Secondly, if you try to keep the leftover in the refrigerator to save it for later and then heat it in the microwave, you can also harm an immature organism because the formula will be heated unevenly.

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Storing formula

As it was already mentioned the leftover formula should be thrown right away, but how long can the open package be stored? Each brand has a different acceptable storage time: Holle formula should be used within 2 weeks, but if you are using for example HiPP it can be stored up to 3 weeks. Some parents suppose that it is safer to keep the open jar in the refrigerator, however, it is recommended to just place a jar in a cool dry place because in the fridge the formula is at risk of clumping. The ideal temperature is 12°C. You just have to close the can tightly and do not get the lid wet. If a formula is sold in a cardboard box, pour it into a tight-fitting, dry glass jar.

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