A Complete Guide on Buying Dog Harness

Dog harnesses help to keep them under control during a walk or outing. They are better and comfortable than the leashes. Dog harnesses reduce the tension around the neck. They transfer the pressure from the neck region to the body. And so the dogs have a controlled and comfortable run with dog harnesses. Also, the dog harnesses offer a better clasp to control big dogs.

Today buying dog harnesses has become obscure as there are umpteen varieties. Though there are plenty of options, you must determine what is mandatory. It would be best to focus on certain things while buying a dog harness. For instance, you must ensure they come with padded and adjustable straps, buckles, handles, and other accessories. This article gives you a complete guide on buying a dog harness.


The dog harness with handle provides better control. Dogs get attracted to several stimuli on the road. Also, they may need to be more relaxed in crowded places. Especially strong and big dogs are difficult to handle in such situations. Therefore, you must buy dog harnesses with handle for lifting to get a better grip.

Escape Proof

The harnesses that fit the dogs accurately are escape-proof dog harnesses. Consider buying escape-proof harness for dogs if their size is medium or large. Typically the dogs that weigh 80 pounds are large, and those around 60 pounds are medium-sized.

How to ensure a large dog harness or medium dog harness is escape-proof. To achieve this, take accurate measurements of your dog. Buy the harness after your dog matures. Usually, dogs stop growing at the age of 20 months. So buy an escape-proof harness for dogs after this age. However, you may also buy an escape-proof harness for puppies. But! Ensure you change it according to its size.

You may also buy harnesses with adjustable clips or buckles.


Manufacturers classify them into three types based on clips and buckles on the dog running harness. They are a back-buckle harness, front-buckle harness, and multi-buckle harness.

Front-clip harnesses are ideal for dogs that jump, pull, and are hard to direct. Use them on distractive and easily-provocative dogs. Also, it is a good choice if you are looking for a dog harness for medium dogs. 

Back-clip harnesses or Back-buckle harnesses are for small dogs. Also, it is ideal for dogs with trachea problems and neck injuries.

If you are looking for dog harness for large dogs no pull, choose a multi-buckle harness. It has clips in the front and back. Moreover, it comes with D-rings. And so multi-clip or multi-buckle harness is versatile. Undoubtedly, it is ideal for untrained and violent dogs.


While buying dog harnesses, make sure they come with padding. It provides comfort to the dogs. Also, the padding removes the tension and stress around the neck.

Things to Consider

  • Check if the manufacturer used reinforced stitching for durability
  • Look for badges and attractive colors
  • If you like to add leashes, look for an O-ring. It gives better control and a good grip

This article gave you a complete overview of dog running harness. Hope! Our article was useful!

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