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How to Advertise Commercial Property for Rent

You have a big commercial property but can’t use it for yourself. Then the best way to use it and make money would be renting it out. If you rent out your commercial property, then it will generate a good amount of money.

Ways to Advertise Commercial Property for Tenants

By following these ways, I hope you would be able to get many renters for your commercial property.


You can send emails to advertise your commercial for rent. You only need to send email marketing messages to your database so that you can encourage everyone you know. It includes buyers, brokers, and other potential tenants.

Attaching photos of the commercial property and interior would also help a lot to attract renters. But most importantly, don’t forget to add the amenities of the property as well as the area on the email. Further, make sure to provide your website’s link so that renters and other parties can get all the details and contact you.

Social Media

The impact of social media platforms is great in business nowadays. That is because around 3.2 billion people use social media that includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others too. Now, you can use this platform to get renters for your commercial property among that many people.


You are in real estate, so you must build a digital place where you can promote your business, and what could be better than the website. You can build a good and user-friendly website where you can promote all your properties.

Print Ads

Use print ads and publish them in journals or real estate magazines that only focus on commercial properties. This way, you will find interested renters or even buyers. At the same time, regional magazines can also do that task too.

Make Video

You can create a video where you can walk, show all the details of the property, and can explain all the amenities and features of the property as well. Then you can upload them on a video-based online platform like YouTube. You can also share them on social media and get interested renters for your commercial property.

Key Factors for Advertising Commercial Property for Rent

The main factors that are important and needed to be considered for commercial property advertising are as follows:

Define Target Market

All the properties that you sell, lease, or rent out will be directed at the business community or local property investors. So, you should focus and refine it to particular business types.

Build Property Features

Each and every property listing must have certain features that you can use in your promotional strategy.

Catchy Headline

Make a good and catchy headline that can promote and attract interested tenants to your commercial property.


If your property has a story or history, then you can use it in your promotional strategy.

Final Words

I assure you these guides will help you a lot to advertise your commercial property for rent. Besides, if you follow these points, you will find suitable tenants for your commercial property. Just make sure to consider the factors.

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