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Instructions for Linking to BK8 The Most Standard And Unblocked

The safest and most standard link to BK8 is the information that any brother is interested in. Because in recent times, the link to the home page of the house is often blocked, making it impossible for players to log in and participate in betting. Therefore, this article is our guide to the latest standard and unblocked BK8 links for your reference.

1. Overview of BK8

Let’s go through some important information about this reputable bookie, before knowing the link to the best BK8.

BK8 was established in 2008 by multinational corporation Pacific Sea Invests SA. The bookie is headquartered in the Philippines and has a global network, including Vietnam.

BK8 – The house is chosen by many brothers

BK8 is also licensed to operate by the European Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission and the First Cagayan organization – specializing in entertainment and relaxation.

Coming to this betting playground, you can unleash your passion with a variety of different betting games such as sports betting, online casino, esports betting and other types of slot games,….

1.1 Link to BK8 is the most standard

To experience the services of this bookie, you can use the following links to the most standard homepage:


The above are links to BK8 by safe phone to help you quickly access the home page of the house.

Currently, there are many fake BK8 websites with the same interface as 95% of the real house. Therefore, players should not access strange links to avoid unnecessary fraud.

Xem : Link vào BK8

2.How to enter the BK8 house when the latest block is 2023

As you know, currently Vietnam has not yet legalized online betting, so the link to BK8 is often blocked by the network. In addition, in order to prevent money flowing abroad and not collect tax from gambling, the Vietnamese government is still making efforts to block international casinos like BK8. If you are blocked by your network operator, you can use one of the following 3 ways to enter BK8 to bypass the firewall and continue to experience at the house:

Screenshot 1 1

How to access the home page of the house without being blocked

Method 1. Access the BK8 bookie with the provided backup link

Links to the backup bookie are understood as links with different domains depending on the house’s ownership, however, they still lead to the same content and use the BK8 dealer’s database. When blocked by the official link you can use one of the latest links we provided above to access BK8.

Method 2. Change IP address with VPN software to enter BK8

In case the links are all unusable, you can use this method to access the link to BK8.

Changing IP addresses with professional software is an effective way to bypass firewalls to access locked sites in Vietnam in general and betting websites in particular. After changing your IP address from Vietnam to another country, you can easily access BK8 bookie from any link provided. You can use VPN software right on your smartphone or laptop.

Method 3. Change DNS to enter BK8

In case both of the above methods cannot be done, this 3rd method will work for you.

Screenshot 2 1

Instructions for the safest way to enter the house

2.3 IOS operating system

For devices using iOS operating system, you can change DNS by accessing the link to BK8 as follows:

Step 1. Go to settings> select Wifi> click the i icon to improve wifi connection

Step 2. Choose configure DNS

Step 3. Select the manual entry and add the server, next you just need to enter the Google DNS or and click save to complete the process.

2.4 Android OS

Step 1. Go to settings > Wifi > click the arrow to the right of the wifi you want to connect to.

Step 2. Change the IP to Static.

Step 3. In the Static folder, enter the DNS 1 range as and DNS 2 as Click save to finish the DNS change process..

For laptops, computers

Step 1. Right-click on the wifi icon on your laptop or click on the ethernet item on your PC, then select Open Network and Sharing Center.

Step 2. You select the Internet network you are using and click properties.

Step 3. In the Wifi Properties section, continue to select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP / IPv4). When a new window appears, you need to click on the section Use the following DNS server address.

Step 4. Change DNS to or, click OK 2 times to complete the process.

Above is the information about the link to BK8 and the latest way to enter the blocked house that we want to share. Hope this article brings useful information to help you have a comfortable experience with BK8 house.

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