Is it Essential to Trim a Cat’s Claws?

Cats’ claws are essential in several ways. First, they use them for scratch marking territories. When cats sharpen their claws, they leave pheromones to mark their trails in their surroundings. This clearly explains that claws are vital in a cat’s life, but when you have an indoor cat, you need to trim your cat’s claws. When is the best time to trim your cat’s claws?

Everything you want to know is mentioned below, so keep reading this article:

  • It is usually essential to trim their claws regularly most of the time, once a month or so. Then again, it mostly depends upon the lifestyle of your cat. If you have an outdoorsy one, they need claws to climb, hunt, and defend themselves. But if they don’t shave back their claws doing so you will still need to cut them. Also, when your cat stays entirely indoors, having a scratching post along with regular claw trimming is important because it helps in their self-maintenance. Sometimes you can find your cat sharpening their claws in every place of the house. As a cat parent, you can choose to trim their claws more regularly – just don’t get the pink bit before the nail..
  • Further on the scratching issue, there are repellent sprays and tapes available in the market, making your cat stay away from all the furniture in the house and use their scratching post.
  • When cats grow old, they become less active. It is imperative to pay even more attention to trimming their claws because their nails become very long and curvy and slowly penetrate the paws.
  • Last but not least, always keep a check on the dewclaws. They need trimming just like the others, even though they hardly touch the ground.

There are four basic things that you need to keep in mind before you clip your cat’s nails, and they are‌:

  • Foremost, hold your pet against your body, firmly but gently;
  • Then it would help if you took the paw between your thumb and your index finger;
  • Press slightly on the top of the toe to extend the claw outward;
  • Clip the nail a few millimeters without proceeding past the transparent part.

These simple steps will help you trim your cat’s claws whenever required. Before you do your first clipping, please consult your veterinarian, as they can provide you with the best plan of action. Visiting the vet is an integral part of the pet’s well-being. It allows you to know if there is any sign of illness. Because pets don’t have an extensive vocabulary to express themselves, taking them regularly to the vet offers peace of mind.

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