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Special BK8 Promotion For Customers

BK8 promotion is an attractive attraction of the house BK8. The publisher constantly updates many promotions with super value. Every day, players can participate in the lucky spins to increase capital. Check out this article to find out about special promotions at this bookie.

1. Very hot special BK8 promotion

The publisher, in order to thank customers, has launched many special BK8 promotions. There are many programs worth up to millions of dong. Each promotion that takes place has certain rules that apply.

1.1 Give money to members with the first card recharge

The most attractive BK8 promotion for players today is the gift of 28,888,000 for the first time to top up the card. Players when participating in game halls such as Sports, casino or cockfighting are given money for the first deposit. When making a deposit, players only need to fill in more bank information to easily receive the bonus.

One thing to note in this BK8 promotion is that it only takes place within 24 hours from the first deposit. This promotion can only be applied once per account. In addition, the bonus promotion cannot be combined with other programs.

1.2 Lucky BK8 promotion to receive 88,888,000 VND

The promotion to receive 88,888,000 immediately is called “Lucky Red Bao”. If each card is loaded with a score of 500 or more, you will immediately receive a lucky red envelope. This program is applicable to all members of BK8. In particular, the promotion takes place every day and does not limit the number of plays.

To have a chance to receive 88,888,000, players need to register a private IP address. Some information you need to provide accurately such as: Full name, phone number, home address, … In case the bookie finds that you have incorrect declaration, immediately cancel your gifts.

1.3 Exploding jars has a promotion up to 38,888,000 VND

BK8 promotion at the exploding game lobby is also available to all members at the house. When a player participates in the slot games, the jar explodes and wins in a row within 3 days. Besides, the total amount that players deposit at least 100,000 has the opportunity to participate in this attractive offer.

Screenshot 2 1

One thing that players need to be aware of is that the house will not count draws or cancel bets. That is, the player needs to win completely within 3 days and must not cancel the bets placed. This is the basic rule that players should know to avoid misunderstanding.

1.4 Lottery hall has a program to give away 79,789,000 VND

Players who participate in games at the lottery lobby and win continuously have the opportunity to receive gifts. You just need to call the customer service department of the bookie to receive the gift. Chances of winning for this program are up to 79,789,000.

Players only have the opportunity to apply this BK8 promo code once a day. Score 79,789 is the highest score you need to achieve. You se. Contact the staff to get your bet code. Offer may be withdrawn after each betting round.

1.5 50% Refund on winning 5 . parlay bet

When participating in betting at the bookie, you will have the opportunity to return the bet up to 50%. Khuyến mãi Bk8 is very attractive. Help players have more capital to bet without having to deposit more money.

The Cashback Promotion is applicable every day of the week. However, each account can only participate once a week. Players will contact the dealer within 24 hours to receive the bonus.

2. Some notes when participating in promotions at BK8

Screenshot 3

The charity house has continuously launched BK8 promotions to show gratitude and welcome new members. The interests of members are always the first priority of the house. Therefore, players also need to fulfill the requirements that the house gives:

Players need to provide complete and accurate personal information such as: Phone number, full name, bank account, …

Each member can only create one account at the BK8 dealer. In case the dealer discovers that a player is cheating, they will immediately block the entire account.

Each promotion has its own rules that apply. Members need to understand the rules of each BK8 promotion to avoid misunderstandings for the house.

Promotion to receive money, players only use for the purpose of betting games at the house. It cannot be withdrawn to a private bank or used for other purposes.

The house has a lot of attractive BK8 promotion policies. All members have the opportunity to participate and receive many gifts of great value. Quickly register as a member at BK8 to have the opportunity to receive many attractive gifts from the house.

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