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The Acting Journey of Han Seo Jun

Han Seo Jun is a rising star in the Korean entertainment industry, known for his captivating performances on screen. From his early days as a supporting actor to his recent leading roles, Han Seo Jun’s acting journey has been one of hard work and dedication.

Early Career

Han Seo Jun began his acting career as a supporting actor, appearing in dramas like “Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth” and “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo.” Despite his limited screen time, he was able to make an impression on viewers with his natural acting abilities.

Breakout Role

Han Seo Jun’s breakout role came in 2020 with the drama “Itaewon Class,” where he played the character of Oh Soo-ah’s (Kwon Nara) ex-boyfriend, Tony Kim. His performance as the charismatic and confident Tony Kim won over viewers, and he quickly became one of the most talked-about actors of the year.

Leading Roles

Following his success in “Itaewon Class,” Han Seo Jun was offered leading roles in several dramas. In 2021, he starred in “Nevertheless” alongside actress Song Kang, playing the role of Park Jae-eon, a free-spirited and emotionally distant art student. He also played the lead in the webtoon adaptation “Dear. M,” where he portrayed a mysterious and enigmatic character named Cha Min-ho.

Future Projects

Han Seo Jun’s future in the acting industry looks promising. He has already been confirmed for the lead role in the upcoming drama “The King’s Affection,” which is set to air in late 2021. The drama is based on a popular webtoon and will feature Han Seo Jun as the crown prince who falls in love with a commoner.


Han Seo Jun’s acting journey has been one of hard work and dedication. He started as a supporting actor and worked his way up to leading roles, thanks to his natural acting abilities and captivating performances. As his popularity continues to grow, he is sure to have a bright future ahead of him in the Korean entertainment industry. Fans eagerly await his upcoming projects and can’t wait to see what roles he will take on next.

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