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What is Handicap? Current Popular Odds

Handicap is a bet that any bettor participating in football betting has in the palm of his hand. If you are a newbie and do not understand this type of handicap, we will help you. Stay tuned to the end of the article to get your questions answered about this bet!

1. What is a handicap?

Handicap is actually another name for bets in football matches. However, the two teams playing in this match are not equal. Therefore, this bet is used to create a balance for the 2 teams. From there, the bet will become more fair.

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Usually, handicap bets in football have 2 familiar forms: handicap and left handicap. Acceptance will be used first. Until the odds between the upper and lower markets are too different, they will switch to the left handicap to ensure a balanced bet ratio.

Players when participating in this bet need to focus on observing, analyzing and evaluating intelligently. From there, decide to choose the best bet to place. If you want to place this bet easily with a high win rate, sign up for V9BET now to enjoy those exciting things!

2. Handicap odds you need to know

V9BET house always offers players different odds. Therefore, you are free to choose the bets you like to participate in. Let’s explore the odds at V9BET sports with us.

2.1 Handicap 0.25

The 0.25 bet is also known as the half bet. With this 0.25 odds, the upper team will accept the lower team. Accordingly, if the above team wins, it will win the bet. Conversely, if the bottom team wins, the bet will be won.

However, what happens if both teams tie? At that time, the upper team will lose half of the money and the lower team will get half of the money. And this odds will be calculated similarly to 1.25 markets; 2.25; 3.25;…

The 0.25 bet is also known as the half bet. With this 0.25 odds, the upper team will accept the lower team.

When applying this bet, only two teams need to finish the match with a difference of 1 goal, the result is too obvious. When betting on handicap 0.25, players can fall into one of the following cases:

The bettor who chooses the upper door wins, to eat the house money, the top team must win by at least 1 goal from the bottom door team.

The top team loses to the bottom team no matter what, the bettor will lose his capital

If the 2 teams tie, the bettor on the top team (handicap) will lose half of the money

Odds of 0.25 will be calculated similarly to bets of 1.25; 2.25; 3.25;…

2.2 Handicap 0.5

The 0.5 ratio allows the upper team to handicap the lower left half. If the above team wins, the bet wins. And if the bottom team wins, that team wins the bet. In case 2 teams tie, the lower team will win the bet. The same bet applies to other odds such as 1.5; 2.5; 3.5;…

2.3 Handicap 0.75

The 0.75 bet is also known as the half handicap. The upper team will accept the lower team 0.75 left. If the team above wins with a difference of 2 or more goals, the whole bet will be won. If you only win by 1 left, you only win half the money. At the same time, the bottom team will only lose half the money. In the event of a tie, or the bottom team wins, the bottom team wins the bet. And 1.75 rafters; 2.75;… same calculation.

2.4 Handicap 1 left

With this bet, the upper team handicaps the lower team with a difference of 1 left. If the team wins by 2 goals, the team above will win the bet. However, if the above team wins by 1 goal difference, it will be considered a draw. When the match is tied, the team below wins. And the odds 2,3,4,… are also calculated similarly.

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  • 3.Experience in choosing a betting door for rookies

  • To win big when playing football betting at V9BET casino, you should learn some experience from previous playing seniors. Some tips for choosing handicap bets you can refer to are as follows:

  • If the strong team plays away from home with a small handicap (from 0.5 to 1 left), it means that the correlation between the two teams is not too different. At that time, you should choose to bet below.

  • If both teams have the same performance and ability to win, you should choose the away team or choose to bet on the ball.

  • When the handicap decreases from 1 to 0.76, but the eat rate increases before the game time, then the underdog is being appreciated. Therefore, choose the lower bet to increase the probability of winning.

  • In the event that the odds decrease, the odds increase and the payout increases accordingly, then you need to pay attention to choose the remaining team.

  • Normally, when playing at V9BET, if the odds increase, the money will also increase. If the bet decreases, the food will also decrease. However, if the bet increases but the money goes down, you should choose the remaining team to be sure.

  • You should actively observe if the underdog scores first, you should choose the bottom.

  • When playing football betting at V9BET, there will be Asian and European rafters. If the Asian handicap is up ¼ but the European bet is leaning towards a draw, then choose your home team.

  • If the Asian rafters drop while the European bets do not fluctuate, priority should be given to choosing the away team.

  • In case the European handicap is 0.25 and the Asian handicap is 0.5, the away team should also be selected to ensure victory.

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Above, we have answered your questions about handicap bets in football betting. Wish you will have great entertainment moments when participating in bets at the V9BET house!

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