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Instructions for Depositing and Withdrawing 33bet Extremely Simple and Fast

Instructions for depositing and withdrawing 33bet with just simple steps make it easy for many rookies to do. Information about the step-by-step instructions will be provided by the 33bet house in the article below.

1. Detailed instructions on how to deposit money at the 33bet bookie

The house will guide you to deposit and withdraw 33bet one by one, first of all, you will learn first. Players can choose different deposit methods and best suit them.

2.1 Depositing parameters via bank account

Deposit method is very popular among players, because the operation is fast and also very reputable. The implementation is easy and simple as follows:

Step 1: You need to log in to the house system, select Deposit.

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Step 2: If you choose to deposit with your bank account, select “Pay online 1”.

Step 3: You need to enter all the information that the bookie system requires -> Select account information.

Step 4: You will see the transfer information displayed on the screen including your information and the recipient’s information. Next, you deposit money into the bank and send according to the information received.

Instructions for Depositing and Withdrawing 33bet Extremely Simple and Fast

Step 5: Finally, you “Confirm the transfer”.

2.2 Top up using e-wallets

The next 33bet deposit and withdrawal guide for your reference is to deposit with an e-wallet. Currently, at 33bet, it is possible to pay via electronic wallets such as Mono, zalopay,… The steps are as follows:

Step 1: Go to the Deposit section and then choose a payment method such as “momo”.

Step 2: You will fill in the information to top up the e-wallet, and select the payment gateway.

Step 3: Select the button “Scan QR code” and then move to the page to scan the access code to momo to top up.

Step 4: In the content section, enter the information as required to be approved.

Step 5: Complete the deposit process, start participating in the game.

2.3 Scan the QR code to make a deposit transaction

The next way to make a 33bet deposit and withdrawal that the article instructs for you is to deposit money in the form of scanning a QR code. For this deposit method, players will not have to worry about transferring the wrong address of the recipient, the operations also become more optimized and convenient.

Step 1: At the page to choose payment methods, please choose the method to use the QR code.

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Step 2: Enter important information such as deposit amount, sender account, recipient account,…

Step 3: You select “Scan QR code” and then execute the money transfer order.

Step 4: You confirm and wait for the money to be added to your account on the house system.

3.Withdrawal steps at the 33bet bookie

In the 33bet deposit and withdrawal instructions, above has provided information about depositing, below will guide on how to withdraw money simply.

Step 1: Go to the home page of the house system and then log in to your account.

Step 2: Select the Withdrawal menu on the main screen.

Step 3: Enter the amount you want to withdraw, each 1 point will correspond to 1000 VND.

Step 4: You select the bank account linked above and then select the Withdraw button.

Step 5: When you complete the deposit process, wait about 5 minutes for the system to browse in order.

4.Notes when depositing and withdrawing 33bet you need to know

In the process of making 33bet deposit and withdrawal, you need to pay attention to some important factors for transactions to take place more accurately and smoothly such as:

The information about the account number should match your first and last name to make the 33bet deposit and withdrawal verification faster and safer.

Daily your account will not be limited by the amount that will be added.

When depositing and withdrawing 33bet, there is a maximum time to add and subtract money, usually 5 minutes. But there will be peak times when the time will be slower than normal.

Brothers who want to participate in online betting games must ensure to be 18 years or older and use only one account to participate. Any behavior that takes advantage of personal gain or fraudulent acts in depositing and withdrawing 33bet will be permanently locked by the house.

The 33bet deposit and withdrawal instructions provided on the article hope to make it easier for you to follow each step. Moreover, the 33bet house not only has convenient transactions, but the updated betting games on the system are all very attractive, with attractive odds.

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