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AviaGames Release November Update

Thank Goodness for Thanksgiving!

With Halloween behind us (and Thanksgiving just around the corner,) AviaGames is releasing another amazing holiday special event! Starting on November 15th, Pocket7Games and Bingo Clash players will get to experience two weeks of special Thanksgiving events! The return of the beloved Dice Tour will let players win up to $500 in Bonus Cash on each map. At the same time, double rewards for daily logins will further enhance your 7-day login bonus! It’s not just bonus cash and Tickets though, players familiar with Dice Tour know that it is run on “Sparkles,” and your daily login will keep the Sparkles coming in! There is more; cash tournaments are open to all game matches, flying in the face of tradition, as they were previously time-limited. Starting from November 22nd, the second week begins. Besides all the previously mentioned activities, 7-day cards will be released, and there is a rebate of over %100! Visit Here: 

Pocket7Games got its start on iOS, but it has recently been added to the Android Galaxy store. To celebrate, Pocket7Games will be offering Samsung-only platform exclusives! Android users will have special daily tasks that can earn them extra rewards; exclusive mini-games can trigger prizes of up to $500 bonus cash! There are also Samsung exclusive lucky draw events that will let players have the chance to win an all-new Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G!

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For players new to Pocket7Games or Bingo Clash, there is no better time to get into the game than now. Pocket7Games has been a top-rated app on the iOS app store for more than two years now. It has gained a reputation for high-quality entertainment and being a well-developed, well-supported app. Pocket7Games offers a variety of free games that are nearly all modern remakes of beloved classics. Ranging from card games like “Solitaire!”, “21Gold” (Blackjack), and including games like “Bingo Clash” and math-based games like “2048 Blitz.” There is something for everyone! Touch here masstamilan

All games on Pocket7Games are played online against real people, matched to your skill level by their advanced algorithms that keep the matches fair and fun. Games can be played for cash stakes, or if you prefer, you can play for free using in-game Tickets. There are a variety of game modes ranging from 1v1 Matches to massive Tournaments with prize pools into the hundreds of dollars. There are no annoying ads, there is no pressure put on the player to deposit money, you play the way you want to play. If you want to deposit money, you can feel safe knowing that all transactions are handled by Paypal for %100 safe and secure dealings. Read More About:

Pocket7Games has earned a reputation of excellence among iOS users and Android users alike. The new Thanksgiving events are an excellent time for new players to jump in and see what all the fuss is about. You can download the game from the iOS app store or Galaxy Store linked below. Also, check out their website for the latest updates and stop by their Facebook to see the latest news and interact with the massive player base! Visit The Site:

iOS Store | Samsung Galaxy Storey | Android | Website | Facebook

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