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Watch Gunjan Saxena Full Movie Online Free – Everything You Need To Know About Gunjan Saxena Movie

The film’s success is not surprising considering its subject matter and production values. After all, it is based on the life of the renowned Bollywood actress Gunjan Saxena. But the film is not yet released in the theaters, and it is not clear how much it will earn in the coming weeks and months. Regardless, the movie will surely make a name for itself at the box office.

Watch Gunjan Saxena Movie:

Gunjan Saxena Movie Casts :

  • Janhvi Kapoor
  • Riva Arora
  • Pankaj Tripathi
  • Angad Bedi
  • Aaryan Arora
  • Ayesha Raza Mishra
  • Manav Vij
  • Vineet Kumar Singh
  • Chandan K. Anand
  • Yogendra Vikram Singh
  • Barbie Rajput
  • Sharik Khan
  • Rachana Parulkar

Gunjan Saxena Movie Plot

The story opens with young Gunjan Saxena and her older brother, Anshuman, on a flight in Lucknow, 1984. Anshuman forbids Gunjan from peering out of the plane’s window. A helpful flight attendant attends to the issue and leads Gunjan to the cockpit. Her desire to become a pilot is quickly sparked when she looks at the cockpit because she is impressed by the features of the aircraft.

A few years later, Anup and Kirti, Gunjan’s proud parents, congratulate her on her academic success and announce their intention to enroll her in high school. Gunjan, however, wants to leave high school and pursue a career as a pilot. Anup vehemently disagrees with Anshuman’s opinion that women belong in the kitchen preparing meals for the family rather than the cockpit. He supports gender equality and gives Gunjan the freedom to pursue her dream of becoming a pilot. Gunjan makes several attempts, but they are unsuccessful due to obstacles like doubts about her educational background and prohibitive expenditures, making her dejectedly return home each time. An advertisement in a newspaper for acceptance into the Indian Air Force gives Gunjan the perfect opportunity to make an effort to join the air force despite the fact that her parents have different perspectives on her dream, with Kirti hoping her daughter would soon become cautious and Anup insistent on allowing his daughter to pursue her dreams relentlessly. Anshuman, who is currently enlisting in the army, expresses his utter disapproval and informs Gunjan that women are not welcome in the Air Force. However, she disregards him and continues with the formalities, eventually learning that she is the only female who was accepted on the day of the results.

Gunjan discovers during her medical examinations that she is seven kilograms and one centimeter too heavy for the Air Force standards. She is disappointed by this news, but finds out she can retake the test in two weeks. She talks about it with Anup, who encourages her to keep trying, and the two of them come up with a weight-loss exercise regimen. She still doesn’t meet the height requirement on the retest, but the officers decide that the length of her hands and legs would make up for it and approve her for the force. Anshuman continues to deny his sister’s dedication, but Anup and Kirti are unable to resist their pride, and Gunjan chooses to disregard his concerns and begin training. She considers leaving the training camp because of the male-dominated air force hierarchy that she encounters during her training, but a crisis situation makes her think again when, in 1999, the Kargil conflict breaks out and all Air Force pilots are required. Anshuman met with Gunjan and tried to talk her out of joining the fight, but she was adamant about going, so he ignored his objections once more. She accepts a task because she is desperately required in it but is later told to abandon it since it is too challenging for her. She resigns to the camp grudgingly. As soon as she learns that army troops have been severely hurt during the conflict, she must act to save them.

The film is a Dharma and patriotic film that reflects the story of the real Gunjan Saxena. Its heroic running entry shot and beautiful storyline will make the audience proud of this real-life hero. And with a huge box office collection, Gunjan Saxena is one of the most successful movies of the year, according to critics and moviegoers.

The film has an estimated budget of Rs. 40 crores. It will be a Netflix release, so you can’t expect day-to-day box office updates. However, the film’s digital rights selling price will be taken into account when determining its box office performance. But, if the film is a hit with the critics, it may well be a contender for an award.

The film’s content would have been content-oriented, so word-of-mouth should have helped it earn a bigger box office collection. But, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, there are some films that haven’t even been released on the big screens. For instance, Shoojit Sircar’s Gulabo Sitabo is among them. It would have earned Rs 25-30 crore if it had been released in theaters.

While Gunjan is academically gifted, her ambition is to become a pilot. Despite his parents’ reservations, she continues to study. However, her father’s philosophy still holds true: women should not sit in the cockpit. Anshuman, however, disagrees, and believes in the equality of men and women. Despite her determination, Gunjan tries several times to become a pilot, only to be discouraged by the costs involved.

Io must say Gunjan Saxena is an excellent movie that you must watch. Now, if you can’t get tickets, then you should watch it online. You will find tons of pirated sites that has this movie.

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